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A Late Night Soiree Of Tantalising Libations,

Curious Antics & Culinary Delights Served In Your Own Home

For the most eccentric twist to your evening soiree, HENDRICK’s GIN has created Hendrick’s Late Supper Soiree Service, a delightfully different evening to be hosted in your own home. Available through www.hendricksgin.com on the 22nd January, the late night extravaganza for up to six guests brings to life the unusual nature of HENDRICK’s. Be prepared for gin infused Victorian suppers, peculiar performances, bedtime stories and a host of other oddities. Ideal for creating the most memorable celebration for Burn’s Night, the HENDRICK’s team will concoct tantalising libations such as the HENDRICK’s Purl, a winter warming cocktail with hoppy ale and cucumber infused gin.

Throughout the evening each element of the soire will be perfectly matched with anHENDRICK’s Gin serve, infused with cucumber and rose petals for wonderfully refreshing Gin cocktails.Gastronomic architects, Bompas & Parr, will take charge of the experiences culinary delights, serving up a HENDRICK’s gin-infused traditional Victorian supper menu with delightfully different marvels from Scotch Collops (curried rabbit) to Pyramid Egyptian Eggs. Throughout the course of the evening, and into the early hours, you and your guests will be wowed and entertained with after-dinner speeches, riddles & rhymes, poems, parlour games and bedtime stories from the HENDRICK’s team.Like any good hosts, the HENDRICK’s team will take care of every little detail of the evening, so that you won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll arrive at your home in their Cucumber Mobil to prepare a whole host of entertaining delights and will leave as quietly as a whisper for you and your guests to enjoy a peaceful slumber, popping by the next day to clear everything away.

Information Available to purchase now, these unforgettable experiences cost £600. To enter yourself and your party of five into the ballot for this highly sought-after soiree, register at www.hendricksgin.com , where a buyer will be selected at random.

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