Five 2013 Summer Jewellery Trends

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As each new season arrives, we tend to hear quite a bit about the latest trends in clothing. Hot summer styles have been everywhere for a few months now, as people have been preparing their summer wardrobes and fashionable new looks! What sometimes gets a bit less attention, however, is how to accompany these seasonal fashions with the right jewellery. The right piece of jewellery can completely tie your look together, and transform your fashionable summer attire into something that truly stands out. So here are 5 jewellery trends to go with summer fashion in 2013.

1. Colourful Jewellery

If you keep up with fashion trends, you’ve probably been reading about summer neon. It will probably sound natural, therefore, that bright colours are also trendy in summer jewellery! From fancy gemstones, to casual, coloured beads, and even natural stones, the use of bright ornaments in jewellery is very stylish, and perfect for the summer.

2. Rose Gold

Rose gold can be a tricky material to work with in jewellery, simply because it doesn’t often match well with other pieces. However, one trend this summer is to simply deck yourself out in rose gold alone! The metal itself is ideal for summer, providing a somewhat beach-y, sunbaked look that’s still as gorgeous as more traditional, yellow gold.

3. Necklace Pendants

This is another trend that you can use either casually or in a fancier manner. You might pick up a simple beach necklace consisting of a hemp thread and hand-crafted pendant. Or, you might head to 77 Diamonds (visit website) for an elaborate and spectacular diamond pendant! Whatever the case, use this trend to express yourself through a fun trinket or ornament hanging from your necklaces.

4. Arm Cuffs

Bracelets tend to be trendier in general during the summer, and you’ll often see women with stylishly tangled bangles and bracelets all on one wrist. This summer, you can take the trend a bit further with some fashionable arm cuffs higher up on the forearm, to work in a bit of “body jewellery.” If you want to be particularly stylish, couple this idea with the rose gold concept!

5. Geometric Shapes

Finally, there’s the geometry trend, which is probably the most prominent accessory trend of the summer. Basically, it can be anything you want, so long as the jewellery exhibits clear shapes. Dangling earrings, bracelet ornaments, necklace metals, etc. can all be designed in distinct geometric shapes, and that kind of stark, clear design is trendy this summer.

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