A Touch of Smooth With Bluebeard Revenge

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Let me begin this review by saying that I love the little details that these guys ( and I am assuming its men and not some large eastern European woman with 5 o’clock shadows making these products)  have put into the packaging like having the logo stamped in the lid and the comments and warnings. They are hysterical and made me feel like I was getting more than just another high street beauty product.


Where to start, perhaps the cream and one of the best lathers I’ve ever used. I used a small amount and it created a wonderful lather and a smell that reminded me of a time when men were men and woman were scared.  The lather was fantastic and although I used a Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor the cream is what made the shave. The lather protected my face and although I usually get razor burn and irritation as I have sensitive skin the result was a clean, well shaven, irritation-free shave.


As for the brush ?  The BlueBeards Revenge a great little brush and possibly the best brush I have used . I am unsure of the price of this little beauty but you can't afford not to have it.


Quality – 9 it is very high quality, so why not a 10 well this is just not quite up there with 3824 Silvertip, but still a great, well made brush. It's also remarkable sturdy for its small size. Hold the jokes.

Density – This brush is very dense for its size, but compared to larger knots of similar quality it just can't compete. But this is still a great brush and once you add the worlds manliest shaving cream you are in for a treat but I am getting ahead of myself.

Stiffness – I would actually give the stiffness an 7.5, but there is no mark for that. This is a scrubby little brush. For those whose of you who enjoy feeling your shave, this is a good choice. It will provide a wonderful scrubby feeling without an harshness on the skin.

Softness – I've found something unique about this brush when you shift over to a painting stroke, this brush becomes very soft. But the stiffness beats out the softness, again, hold the jokes till after. 

Ergonomics – With this little handle, this brush is as ergonomic as any I've used. With it's small size can be held by the base of bristles of at the very end of the brush. Also this brush is small enough that anyone can precisely whip this brush anywhere on your face and get it everywhere you want and only exactly where you want. 

Latherabilty – This little brush lather's like a Champ! Although I firmly believe that this is due to the amazing cream as I would never expect a brush that looks like this to lather the way it does.

The verdict


I can keep talking about technology, design and fancy marketing words… But in the end, it all comes down to one thing…this is a great product and like eastern European woman, is better when taken out together J

Yes, indeed! First of all, I am impressed by the smooth sensation while I am shaving. There is no significant drag on my skin, and the blades glides easily across all parts of my face and this had nothing to do with the Fusion blade as I especially used an old blade.

The Bluebeards Revenge should give you a great shaving experience and I know that after I used it the ladies all came over and stroked my now clean and smooth skin..was this because of the shave or the fact that I am the Premier party planner I will never know.


My only tip however would be, don’t shave in a Herringbone Suit !


Lord Scott

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