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Alice you’re late for tea! Okay it might not be Wonderland, however Sketch is far from the ordinary and can only be described as bizarre. Different rooms with strong characters and a rest room which resembles more Star Wars Space Pod than any traditional lavatory I have ever seen. I have to say Sketch might just be the most unique place in London, or without a doubt, in the top ten list of eccentric deco. Sketch has a surreptitious entrance and if you’re not looking out for the venue, you could walk straight passed without acknowledging its existence, as it positioned in an old Victorian building on Conduit Street, with no real visible signs. However, once you have located the building you soon get familiar with its surrounds and only a stone’s throw away from Liberty, it’s the ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s shopping.

As you walk through the entrance, there are Louis XV antique chairs coming out of the walls, which made the whole afternoon tea experience surreal with sculptures made out of toys and odd accessories hanging upon the walls made out of spoons, I felt like I stepped into the Mad Hatter’s world.

In the Parlour I was slightly bemused to be handed a book by the waitress upon taking my seat, but all became clear when I opened the book to find the menu. Firstly, we had fresh mint tea, which was served up in the most delightful Maxwell Williams china and brass tea pot.

We went for the Sketch Champagne Afternoon tea which is priced at £38 per person and consists of ‘Traditional Afternoon Tea served Sketch style, four assorted finger sandwiches (smoked salmon, cucumber, cooked ham and Dijon mustard, egg and mayonnaise), two fruit scones served with seasonal jam and clotted cream, selection of four sketch pastries and choice of teas.’ The sandwiches are served chilled, keeping with the english traditions, and complimented each other well.

Having a sweet tooth, my favourite part of the afternoon tea had to be the selection of Sketch’s signature cakes, and those who know me know I have a deep love for french sweets, especially macaroons.

To view the Parlour menus please click on this link; menus

The Parlor’s atmosphere is very pleasant with a tranquil feel, and even the uniform is keeping up with the feel of the Parlor with quirky detail. I can see why so many have been praising the Sketch Parlor, the first choice to dine in the new afternoon tea trend.

For more information visit; online reservations

sketch, 9 conduit street London W1S 2XG reservations: +44 (0) 20 7659 4500 Rated: 9/10

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