Afternoon Tea Review Grand Pacific

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Afternoon Tea Review At The Grand Pacific


The failed downloaded navigation app on my phone had lead left us gallivanting aimlessly around Deansgate; it had also falsely lead me dining companion and into the Armani store TWICE. We were embarrassingly unaware that the glass pyramid structure sprouting out of the pavement was in fact the entrance to our destination, and not some odd contemporary piece of street art we had earlier mistaken it for whilst frantically in search of the venue.


Anyone that knows me well knows map reading has never been a strong asset. A dear friend had once pointed out that I possess the navigational instincts of a squirrel, charming. However, in my defense it had been six years since I was last a fellow resident in the Manchester region and to my surprise the city had changed drastically.


What was once deemed as unflattering has been replaced by a maze of towering glass buildings, clean concrete walkways, designer shops, trendy chic coffee shops, upmarket swanky restaurants and giant luxury apartments. Spinningfields is fast becoming the playground of suit wearing affluent young professionals, Favorited by local celebrities and socialites and those looking to dress to the nines for a more lavish alternative dining experience.


However up until last week it was unfamiliar territory for me despite its overwhelming reputation and praises from foodie worshippers, and friends who had deemed it to be the new ‘IT’ place and social hub. It was still all relatively new to me. No, I have not been living under a rock before the smart remarks filter in.


So when I received an invitation to break my Spinngfields innocence and experience the Pan-Asian dining experience, how could I refuse?


After descending down the entrance staircase in front of the Armani store, my guest was a little apprehensive looking down into the unknown.


This place has no windows or natural light my dining companion pointed out, Mmm it may be a little stuffy. My good friend was not an admirer of underground restaurants. Neither was I at the start, but if there was one thing I have learnt from my escapades in the capital was never to judge a venue by its entrance alone as looks can be deceiving.


The Venue

Cherished readers fear not, as the establishment is anything but stuffy. We were greeted at the main reception and guided through the impressive contemporary open plan Australasia restaurant. I was fascinated by the luxury nautical décor theme of beach wood, white tables and oversized wicker chairs, which enchanted the space inside. The kind of decor one would find at an extravagant village resort. It was hard to believe the venue was positioned a few feet below street level.




We entered the Grand Pacific by an isolated staircase inside Australasia. The dubbed baby sister of Australasia was just as extraordinary upstairs. The interior evokes the playful concept of a colonial garden oasis transporting its dinners to a pacific beach hideaway. Whitewashed wooden, exotic seashells encased in picture frames, and green hedges surrounded the outside oasis, which mimicked the Ammophila plant (Beach Grass), which is often found growing exclusively on coastal sandy beaches.


We decided to make use and enjoy the outdoor area equipped with outdoor heating; canopied extractable roof and huge comfy cushions which kept us warm and cozy while we selected the Asian High Tea from the menu.



The Food

The Asian High Afternoon tea comes in two waves crafted for a unique sharing experience for a minimum of two guests. The Grand Pacific infuses the European traditions of afternoon tea with an interesting twist of Indonesian and Southeast Asian influences.


Our waiter brought over the first wave of sushi scrumptiousness on a three tiers pyramid shaped stand. The stand contained the unusual but delicious crispy pigeon spring rolls, mini crunchy fish cakes and pork belly salad, salmon and tuna tofu, salmon, prawn and tuna nigiri, mango and papaya duck salad with a crunch of charcoal peanut all served with a glass of the Spee‘Wah Australian champagne.




Just as we finished our glass of Spee’Wah, the waiter brought over a second wave, of devilish sweet delights, and we were ready to dive straight in.


The dessert selection of the second wave steered away from the traditions and tempts the taste buds with a more exotic twist. Chocolate tarte, powder pink rose water and raspberry meringue, Butternut panna cotta topped with winter berries and a thick textured carrot cake. The second wave also offers a selection loose leaf or flowering tea from the premium Jing brand with arrived with its own branded stand made out of bamboo.




The Grand Pacific’s unconventional twist on the conservative afternoon tea offers an experience unlike any other venue located in Manchester. The service also made it extra special as our waiter took the time to describe every dish on the menu, verifying if we had any food allergies. The enthusiasm the staff shown for the establishment took my dining companion by surprise as they conversed with some of the more frequent diners like long lost friends showing a genuine interest in their customers also assisting in food choices. The kind of well-intentioned good customer service, which adds that extra sparkle to your visit making it rememberable.

The whole experience makes a refreshing treat from the flamboyant city centre noise. I cannot seem to fault the Grand Pacific cocktail bar and lounge; it is clear why so many people in and around Manchester have been recommending this venue. However please just don’t take my word for it, pay a visit to the Grand Pacific yourself, you will not be disappointed.



Asian High Tea starts £25pp

Food Menu can be found HERE.

Drinks Menu can be found HERE

Book your visit HERE

 Restaurant  location:



M3 3AP

Tel. 0871246 2015

Opening Times

Monday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Tuesday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Wednesday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Thursday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Friday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Saturday 12.00pm – 12.00am
Sunday 12.00pm – 12.00am

The Breakdown

Value For Money

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