An afternoon at City Island with Scott Ashley

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An afternoon at London’s Latest Development, City Island with Scott Ashley


On the 27th of March I was invited to view the new lavish city island apartments Situated just 4 minutes away from Canary Warf is London’s most exiting new development, City Island. The firm at the helm of the project is Ballymore, one of the UK’s leading developers.

Upon entering the Design Cube Marketing Suite on City Island, I was impressed by the modern interior design, floor to ceiling glass windows and a very stylish bar and lounge area.

Once I walked into the apartments I was amazed at the sensible floor plan, which gives flow to the home, you can actually walk around within the accommodation and end where you started. The lighting illuminated, furniture stylish, colour scheme a perfect blend of black and red and the aura of the bedroom compelling, this is it I had arrived.




City Island is situated between Canary Warf, Providence Warf and is London’s most connected location.


After viewing the apartments we were escorted to an open air training area, both bright and colourful which has glass balconies and a view of Canary Warf from a distance, where stood a young dashing man namely Scott Ashley.

SCOTT (22)


First thing we did was stretch and then began the fitness session, which lasted an hour.

During this 1-hour session, burpees, mountain climbers, bunny hops and downward facing dog just to name a few of the exercises and yoga positions.

15 minutes into the session and I’m feeling the burn already!

The last portion of the session was a circuit, which consisted of various HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises with a short rest of a few seconds in-between.


By the end of the session I genuinely felt like my entire body had been fully worked out, we then partnered up with each other and aided each other in assisted stretching techniques.


What I did love about Scott is that unlike most personal trainers that I have been trained by in the past is (that he despite being a former model he does not come across as vain nor is he an egotist at all), his focus is on you, the client as it should be. Instead of just telling you what to do and standing there shouting unsavory slogans at you while idly watching you sweat and struggle, he actually does the exercises with you and guides you through it.


My prayers have been answered, for once here you have a personal trainer who comes across as honest and caring making you genuinely feel and believe that you can transform your body and reach your desired level of fitness, which for me was certainly a first.


We then headed back downstairs for some refreshments in the lounge area courtesy of Skinade.

Inside the goody-bag there was a sample of the Skinade Travel pack, which upon tasting had natural peach notes and was also very refreshing with no unpleasant aftertaste. There was also a Bounce Energy Ball, a chewy mixture of almonds and whey protein.


Scott is a former model and has been into fitness for 8 years, however over the last 3 years he has really made a name for himself in addition to establishing himself as a brand. His mother whom is a fully qualified a Pilates instructor and has been for the past 16 years may very well have an important part to play in his love for fitness and well-being.

He originally started at Equinox gym in west London, from there one of his first clients a singer from the hit boy-band Blue, former heartthrob Duncan James.

Training Duncan gave him exposure to the public and in turn to other celebrity clientele.

SCOTT (26)

Over a short period of time Scott has travelled the world and has trained the likes of Simon Cowell, Lawson, coveted fashion designer Valentino, taken flights on private jets, coast to coast on luxurious yachts and this is only the beginning for the talented young man whom has accomplished so much only at 27 years of age.

He has worked with a long list of models from the well-respected agency Storm, preparing the girls prior to big fashion campaigns, both mentally and physically. In addition to educating them on what to eat, how often and explaining to them the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Scott is currently training a girl from the agency who is going to model for an upcoming Victoria Secret campaign. He also has some more interesting projects in the works.

SCOTT (16)

Scott is releasing a book this May called The Model Body, the e-book will be available first and printed version shall be available shortly after.


Scott’s brand Holixir is renown in London, he currently resides at Hotel Café Royal and trains in the luxurious Akasha Gym/Spa.


You can book Scott for a training session, however there is a waiting list and on that list also includes the writer of this post.

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