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Can you introduce yourself to the BSF readers?

Brittany Ireland, 23 Playboy Live Model, Nightclub Hostess, & Co-host of Fox Radio.

How long have you been a modeling for Playboy?

Approximately a year.

What attracted you to playboy and why did you choose this path?

I am very in-touch with my sexuality, and I love using my body as a means to express myself in an artful manner.  If the proper creative direction is in place on a nude shoot, the results will turn out incredible, making the image much more than a nude picture.  I chose to work with Playboy because they follow the type of creative direction I look for when considering doing a shoot.  The work is kept professional, tasteful, and original not only on the set of the shoot, but also behind the scenes.  They work hard to stay on top and beat out the competition by continuously researching and updating their product.  Since this is something I have long implemented for myself, Playboy seemed a natural fit for me.

Now we are dying to know, what are the perks of being a Playmate?

Playboy has given me many opportunities to travel around the United States meeting industry leaders and adoring fans alike.  I have been given the opportunity to host events with renowned artists and celebrities, and the ability to collaborate with these artists on projects that go to support good causes close to my heart. Last but certainly not least, stores in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles pull their best items for me to work into my next shoot!  What every girl dreams!

What are the parties like at the Mansion?

Amazing can’t say anymore! (laughs)

Let’s talk fashion, what inspires you when it comes to creating your personal style?

I am a fan of couture, I try to keep track of runway trends, what’s going on at the different fashion weeks but my huge influence is what people are wearing on the street and incorporate the pieces I like into my wardrobe.  Every time I buy a new piece of designer, I add my own touch of style and flair to really make the outfit mine. I like individuality.

Do you have a favourite designer?

Zac Posen- I love the glamour and detail his pieces comprise.

At what age did you get into fashion?

I’ve always had an eye for fashion. In fact, it is in my family’s genes, I’m a born shopper (laughs).  My great-great-grandmother was always shopping on Fifth Ave looking for the latest designer item to wear to her next tea party at the Drake or outing at the country club.  Women in my family have lived in cashmere, breathed chiffon, and eaten silk for ages.  When you have been brought up in an environment where a sense of style is important for keeping up appearances, you automatically get influenced. I don’t foresee that ever changing.

What was the first designer item you bought?

My first official couture piece was at the age of sixteen and was a black Chanel dress.  My mother prompted me to appreciate a classic sense of style and fashion from an early age.  She taught me the importance of a quality garment that will last through the ages, while offering the wearer versatility and a chance to embrace one’s own sense of style.

Name an item in your wardrobe that you can’t live without and why?

I’m in love with my white Burberry trench!  It is a piece I have treasured since the moment I made the purchase.  When I step out in it, heads turn, women throw around compliments, and freebies pop up out of the blue. Smart purchase, beautiful coat!

Have you anything in your wardrobe that you now look back and think, why the hell did I buy that?

I still have an ex’s dress shirt I bought and would wear as pyjamas.  I pulled it out the other day, and thought to myself- what the hell was I thinking (referring not only to the shirt but also to my ex).  I’m now considering either giving it to a consignment shop or burning it at the next bonfire I attend.

If you could be born in any era which one would it be?

I love this era. People are finally beginning to accept themselves for who they are and are finding ways to be truly happy.  Men and women are choosing their own paths and are taking steps to not only better themselves but also our Earth.  Society is finally beginning to realize the importance of having a healthy mind, body, and environment, and we are continually looking for ways to improve this planet for future generations.  We have come a long way in this era, and we are fortunate enough to realize we still have a long way to go to make this world better for every living thing on it.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

While in LA, I always have to make a pit stop at Kitson.  Any brand that mixes sexy with comfy will definitely keep me coming back for more, and Kitson has proven to offer the goods necessary to do so. Melrose is also another favourite shopping spot of mine. I love to take my girlfriends to shop, do lunch and people watch until the sun goes down. Always a great time!

Who is your style icon?

Heidi Klum has long been someone I have looked up to in the fashion industry.  She conquered modeling with her beauty and took on the business side of fashion with her brains. Women and men love her not only for her sense of style, but also for her ability to own any runway, red carpet, or stage she sets foot on.  She keeps her life free of nonsense and fills it only with things she is truly passionate about.  I can’t think of a better icon!

If you could be any style icon, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

It may be a cliche, but I love Marilyn Monroe.  She is timeless not only in beauty but also in her sense of style.  She was highly regarded as a style icon in her day, and even now, years later, women continue to imitate her in appearance, sex appeal, and style.  Not many women will ever achieve such great prominence for their external beauty, but Marilyn has held firm throughout the ages. She was the brightest star in a room full of them!

To find out more about the Lovely Brittany Ireland visit:
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Photography: Patrick Xiong

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