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TECH REVIEW: Atomic Floyd PowerJax Earphones

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Atomic Floyd is not the biggest name in the ever expanding headphone market, but certainly a respected one amongst those ‘in the know’.  The fledgling British company are known for making high end products with a reputation for fantastic build quality and excellent sound.  The brand have gone about their business with quiet confidence, and with 4 successful product releases to date, they have recently launched the PowerJax, their first headphones available under £100.  Having reviewed (and fell in love with) the HiDef Drum’s in January 2012, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest addition to the family.

Unlike much of the competition, Atomic Floyd has resisted the urge to flood the market with new products every week with bold claims of technological advancements.  Up until now, they have launched only 4 similarly designed earphones ranging from £149.99 to £199.99, all with a distinctive red Kevlar cable and shiny metal ear pods.  At £99.99 the PowerJax aren’t what you’d call budget, but is a marked price difference to the rest of the range.

To the eye, the PowerJax look no different to the rest of the Atomic Floyd range; the idiosyncratic red ‘anti-tangle’ Kevlar constructed cable, moulded cold steel ear pods, and the same iPhone music controls are all very familiar.  It’s only when you pick them up you realise that the metal pods are slightly more light weight and the cable doesn’t seem quite as rugged, but strong nonetheless.  I’ve been critical of a lot of the modern headphones which, in my opinion, are far too flimsy for the amount you pay, but Atomic Floyd certainly can’t be accused of scrimping on materials and will give years of use, with a 2 year warranty to back this up.

In the sound stakes, the PowerJax certainly live up to the name, producing a surprising amount of bang for your buck.  The mids and tops provide crisp, clear sound, and although the bass is a little lacking, it never feels like you are left wanting.  Compared to the similarly priced Beats by Dre Tour in-ears or the Sennheiser CX 880i, the sound is far superior.  It’s only when you listen to the bigger brothers in the Atomic Floyd range that you get a true sense of the depth of sound that the PowerJax is missing.

Despite testing innumerable headphones since I first tested the HiDef Drum nearly 2 years ago, they are still the first I go for when listening to the latest album I’ve downloaded.  Although the PowerJax aren’t quite as good, they would be right at the top of my list if I was in the market for a mid-range pair of earphones.  With rumours of possibly expanding into the on ear headphone market, brand Atomic Floyd is set to grow and grow- another success story of British engineering.

The Atomic Floyd PowerJax + Remote in ear headphones, priced £99.  The entire Atomic Floyd range is available from http://www.atomicfloyd.com and Apple Stores nationwide.

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