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MUSIC: Your Chance to Make a Track With Toddla T

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This summer, Bacardi have been giving upcoming music artists the chance to further their careers by working with popular acts as part of the Bacardi Beginnings series.  You may have seen our review of the summer’s first project which saw electronic dance group Rudimental work with new soulful vocalist Bipolar Sunshine.  For their 2nd event, they have continued with the electro/soul collab as DJ/producer extraordinaire Toddla T has created the soulful house infused hit Pandora’s Box with London based singing talent Roses Gabor.

Unconventionally, the track was released on 4th September via social media as part of the Bacardi Beginnings ‘Beats per Minute’ campaign.  The first beat of the track was released at 7pm and as the tweets and Facebook likes came flooding in, more and more of the track was unlocked until the full track was revealed, all in all taking less than 60 minutes to do so!  Pandora’s Box is a smooth, synthed track typical of Sheffield’s Toddla T and serves as the perfect backdrop to Roses’ sultry vocals.

Toddla T and Roses Gabor in studio working on Pandora’s Box

Not content with giving just one upcomer the first step to success, Bacardi Beginnings have just launched a competition inviting aspiring producers to remix Pandora’s Box, and uploading to the Bacardi Beginnings Soundcloud for the world.  One winner will be chosen by Toddla T to go into the studio with the great man himself for a production masterclass; a fantastic opportunity for any young musician looking to break into the industry.

“I’m encouraging people to do the most leftfield, mental stuff to it. Don’t be shy, don’t be precious, if you want to literally use the kick and the snare and one vocal piece go for it. In a remix I personally look for something that I can play so it’s not necessarily the technicality of it, it’s just how you’ve switched it to a different area. If people put extra vocals on it the brownie points are high. And have fun! You can push a remix as far as you want. Just go, go, go for it – do what feels right.” – Sheffield born DJ/Producer Toddla T

Fans can listen to the fully unlocked track at  There is a third Bacardi Beginnings project taking place in October so keep checking Blood, Sweat and Fashion for updates.

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