CAKE cosmetics UK

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The UK’s make-up industry is a lucrative market, employing more than one million people and worth £17 billion, it is set to grow 16 per cent by 2016 according to Raconteur. Although the industry seems to be expanding at a vast rate I still find it an on-going struggle as a woman of colour to find a Superdrug beauty brand that offers a perfect match for my skin tone. Matching foundations, concealers, colour correctors, powders, tinted moisturisers – to name a few is an on-going nightmare, especially if you are on a budget and not wishing to spend £25 or more on one product.


Many of the affordable cosmetic brands located in Superdrug stores only compromise one or two shades for woman of colour out of their collection even though they exhibit 20 of more shades. The Coffee and Caramel tones offered by beauty brands still lack the comprehension of dark skin tones, and often when applied have a effect of I have not creamed my skin in 50 days appearance rather than the photo-shopped Cover Girl look advertised on their counters due to the fact the products are normally two shades too light, even though the girl on the counter has assured me it is the perfect match.


I think I have only ever come across one inexpensive alternative, which is the Sleek brand that offers a guilt free experimenting in make-up until now.


C.A.K.E cosmetics aims to reach the requirements and desires of Indian, Caribbean and African women who battle to find make-up for their skin tones at a reasonable price. Through their extensive two-year research and experimenting with different formulas they are now offering the perfect recipe to cater for woman like myself, and the best thing about C.A.K.E is that their products are not only animal cruelty free but also hand made in the U.K.

cake cosmetics UK


I have been experimenting with their hand-made Caramel tone concealer, which I found quite versatile and have been using it to contour as well as a base to cover up my blemishes. The packaging is basic and little to be desired but is expected as C.A.K.E is a start-up company, the product itself however offers an all day hold and smells delicious, which is surprising for a product that costs only £3. I felt the need to find out more.

Cake cosmetics UK

Last week I caught up with the founder and young entrepreneur Stevie Newman to talk about her ambitions, journey for the brand, beauty regimes and her own inspirations behind the idea for C.A.K.E




Tell me a little bit about yourself, when people ask what do you tell them?

‪I normally open up with I’m from Essex but I’m not your typical Essex girl (which to a point is a lie because I do love my fake tan) with a healthy obsession with Bruno Mars and the Kardashians.


What inspired you to take a career path within the black beauty industry?

‪It was a couple of years ago whilst I was at university and I just came off holiday all tanned and rearing to go out. Although, I am fair skinned I normally go very dark after a few days in the sun and constantly struggle to find make up that I could afford for my skin and not pay a hefty price. So, when the tan started to fade I would either look really pale in my face or not wear anything at all and feel un- glamorous.

‪Then it hit me, how can girls or even boys who have darker skin afford their everyday makeup routine? I went into every store I could think off and the lowest price I could find was £20. My friends who are Caribbean at the time explained that it is a constant battle to find make up quickly and cheaply on the high street. So, I decided to find a course and make my own brand which would cater for their needs and myself.


I am extremely impressed that you hand craft the make-up yourself, how did you know what ingredients materials to use?

‪It has taken me over three and half years to find a course in the UK that I could gain the knowledge and expertise whilst scheduling it around my work life. I currently work in broadcast PR and wanted to find something that I could do in the evenings or weekends. I then found a website that offered this opportunity and sourced the ingredients for me also.

‪It took a lot trial and error on my end to find the correct tones that worked and it gave me great insight into what didn’t.


How will CAKE cosmetics help the black beauty community?

‪I think it will offer opportunity to men and women to get their daily fix easily. We live in a society that is fuelled by image and some people want to achieve that flawless look for their skin. But how can students or young girls who have darker skin afford products from MAC and Bobbi Brown? I find it unfair that fair skinned girls have a choice of 7 brands with 6 shades in contrast to ethnic girls who are lucky to find one true colour match.

C.A.K.E cosmetics will appeal to the vast community of different ethnicities, opening the door for choices and control for those who are seeking products at much affordable prices.


Describe your business in three words?

‪Efficient, Fresh and Confidant.


What CAKE products would you recommend for those trying to achieve a fun fresh nude look for spring?

Our concealer that is only £3 is perfect for that effortless look and fresh face appearance. Followed by with our cream foundations and pink wafer mineral blusher (which is a big hit with our customers). All you need is to apply a little on your cheekbones and you get that healthy glow that’s stays all day.


Who are your beauty icons and inspirations?

‪I always think Alexa Chung looks amazing and I love her signature cat eye. She always looks effortless even at events.

‪Or I love Priscilla Presley look from when she was in the 60s and 70s


Name two make-up items that you cannot live without?

‪My lifeline is Mascara, as I feel naked without it and mineral powder foundation because you can use it for a natural or a glam effect.


What is your daily beauty routine?

‪I always cleanse and tone my face with Body shops vitamin E range. I work in London and have to commute daily so I’m very aware that my skin suffers from the exposure of weather, pollutions and other factors, it’s very important for me to moisturize and maintain healthy skin.


What is really important to you when it comes to your brands message?

‪I want women to feel that they can get affordable makeup that works for their skin and cater for their everyday needs. We are not claiming to be the most amazing product out there, but we are here because we want to give people a choice. That’s what is important to me.


Is there any celebrity you would want to collaborate with, for your brand?

‪In an ideal world Jourdan Dunn would be a dream to work with. Purely because she is what the brand represents, I remember watching her on Jonathan Ross explaining her struggles in the fashion industry with racism. Which played a key role in my motivation to create C.A.K.E.


Where do you see CAKE cosmetics in 5 years from now?

‪I want to see C.A.K.E. Cosmetics start to be a more household name and be in stores. And to be that go to brand of women can quickly run out the shop and purchase.


To find out more about C.A.K.E cosmetics UK and purchases visit http://cakecosmetics.co.uk

Follow C.A.K.E cosmetics on Twitter @CAKEcosmeticsUK


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