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Attention all iPhone, iPod, & iPad users: Your mp3 player deserves better than the Apple ear buds! Imagine going to the most extravagant Michelin starred restaurant, in an upmarket area, ordering the speciality dish, then destroying your gourmet meal by smothering it in Tomato Ketchup.  This example is slightly extreme, but the fact is that the original Apple ear buds are not intended for everyday use, their purpose is to ensure that your mp3 player works correctly.

The iPhone is a brilliant piece of engineering, and has brought enormous enjoyment to millions round the world, so why not enhance the experience with great sounding music?  Top-quality headphones should be acoustically satisfying, comfortable to wear, and durable.  The difference is astonishing, and if you (or someone you know) still use inferior headphones, now is the time to upgrade you listening experience! For use with an iPhone, a pair of headphones with a microphone is essential.  In our opinion, it is best to use in-ear headphones, as they are much smaller, modest, and lighter than over-head headphones.  Finding the perfect headphones can be as hard as finding the perfect partner, but luckily BSF have done all the hard work and found 3 of the best out there: iBeats by Dr. Dre


Established in 2006, Beats Electronics is the brainchild of legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, who set out to develop a new type of headphone with the capability to reproduce the full spectrum of sound that musical artists and producers hear in professional recording studios.  The result is a sound with such clarity, it will make you think how you have listened to music without them.  From pumping bass to soaring highs, the iBeats is ideal for all musical tastes and the BSF team particularly enjoyed reliving the classic Dr. Dre LP ˜The Chronic: 2001″. The iBeats have a specially designed ControlTalk microphone and remote, with the ability to answer calls, volume control, and skip tracks.  The BSF team put the remote through its paces in various scenarios (including snow!) and unlike some rivals, the ControlTalk system works extremely well with the iPhone, as well as most newer generation iPods.

The iBeats are made of solid metal and come in either black or white.  In the box, you get 6 custom fit ear tips for maximum comfort, and a handy clip to attach to clothing.  They are deceptively heavy for their small size, so are not ideal for the gym, but the build quality suggests that they would work out just as hard as you do.  At just under £90, they are not cheap, but if you are a music lover and want a headphone that matches your enthusiasm, look no further. Best for: Banging beats, Street style. iBeats by Dr. Dre (RRP: £89.95), for more information & stockists visit http://beatsbydre.com/ Bose MIE2i Mobile

Bose are arguably, the biggest name in the audio world, so who better to create the perfect headphones to compliment the biggest name in the mp3 world?  The Bose MIE2i offers fabulous sound quality as expected from Bose, and have put great emphasis on offering a superior hands free telephone call experience.  Calls are presented in stereo instead of through a single, mono earpiece and have a powerful omni-directional microphone ensuring your every word is clearly heard by the recipient.  With all these features, you would be forgiven for thinking that Bose have disregarded music lovers, but you would be wrong.  Although the Bose cannot compete with the iBeats for audio range, the MIE2i offers a crisp sound & superior noise cancelling qualities.

Aesthetically speaking, the Bose headphones look very business-like, and would not look out of place in the boardroom.  In the box, you get a classic styled protective case, clothing clip, and 3 sizes of the StayHear silicone ear tips that offer greater in-ear stability during walking, exercise and other active sports.  But at £119, it’s debatable whether you would want to risk using them in rigorous exercise. Best for: Clear calls, Corporate style. Bose MIE2i Mobile headset (RRP £119), for more information and stockists visit www.bose.co.uk

Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i Sports Headphones with Remote

A giant of the headphone world hooks up with a giant of the sports world to create the ultimate compliment for fitness fanatics. The makers claim that the CX680i are robust enough to withstand even the toughest of workouts and are resistant to both sweat and water.  They have been developed with the help of top sports starts, and the cable is reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability.  With such bold statements, we put on our trainers, got down to the local gym and worked up an almighty sweat.  We are pleased to say that Sennheiser’s claims held up and we were particularly impressed by how secure the headphones were during such rigorous movement, thanks in part, to the ear fins surrounding the inner ear.

The CX680i offers a good audio standard for both music and phone calls, but cannot compare to the iBeats or Bose.  The CX680i come in a cool, high visibility yellow and in the box, you get 3 sets of ear buds, ear fins, and a carry case. Best for: Exercising, Sports chic. Sennheiser Adidas CX680i Sports Headphones (RRP £69.99), for more information and stockists visit www.sennheiser.co.uk

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