Ciroc Vodka Review


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No other alcohol brand has created a bigger buzz over the past few years than Ciroc Vodka.  If you’ve never heard of it, you’re most likely a connoisseur, as Ciroc appeals exclusively to the fashionable, but not very refined crowd.  This is exemplified by the fact that rapper/media mogul Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs is the public face of the brand; but don’t judge them too harshly on this.  His influence has almost single-handedly turned Ciroc from an ‘also ran’ to being talked about in the same breath as Grey Goose and Belvedere; two brands with a long established popularity worldwide.

Ciroc was created by Diageo Spirits, makers of another popular vodka product you may have heard of, Smirnoff.  Unlike Smirnoff, Ciroc sits in the ultra-premium category, retailing at around £35 for a 70cl bottle; however is it just a flashy, trendy drink or is there some substance to the brand?

Ciroc is produced in France from fermented Mauzac and Ugni Blanc grapes; an unusual process as most premium vodkas are made from potato, grain, or wheat.  On the nose, it is mainly neutral with a hint of citrus.  However on the palate, Ciroc is so much smoother than I imagined; in fact, it is actually rather delicious neat.  The sweetness from the grape is evident from the outset and gives Ciroc a wine-like quality, and is extremely moreish.  The finish is quite long, with a creamy vanilla touch.

If you’re the type to hang out at celebrity nightclubs, you’ve probably tried Ciroc with vast amounts of Red Bull or orange juice; however it can make some lovely cocktails too.  The grape origins make it obvious to mix with grape juice, and topped with Champagne (aka The Royal Grape).  It also makes a good Vodka Martini, and garnish with grapes for a unique twist!

I must say that Ciroc has surprised me in a good way.  These types of ostentatious brands tend to be all bells and whistles masking a quite awful product; but this is far from the case here.  In fact, if I was at a pretentious club, I may even be tempted to order it at the bar!

Ciroc Premium Vodka, 40% ABV.  For more information visit


A premium drink deserves premium packaging and luxury online spirits retailer Alexander & James have put together a stunning gift set complete with 70cl bottle of Ciroc Vodka, Ciroc Blue glass, and a bespoke box, all for £49.25 (or bottle alone for £36.75).

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