Cremorne 1859 Gin

DRINK LAUNCH: Cremorne 1859 Gin

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Gin is certainly on trend and it seems like a week doesn’t go by without either a new product launch or even a new bar with more gins on the shelf than days in the year.  Saying that though, it’s not every day a new gin is launched with a live auction taking place of paintings, antique style chairs, and a stuffed otter no less.

Cremorne 1859 is a range of 2 products; 40% ABV London Dry Gin and 26% ABV Wild Blackthorn Sloe Gin.  This is the part where I’d usually rabbit on about the unusually peppery flavour that makes an extremely drinkable G&T; or the perfectly balanced Sloe Gin that is easily sipped neat- but the real star of the show is Colonel Fox & Gentleman Badger.  No these aren’t euphemisms for something more sinister; the Colonel is the rather handsome fox that adorns the bottle of the dry gin and Gentleman Badger strikes a pose on the sloe gin in a dapper coat and top hat.

The impressive artwork for the bottles was created by artist and co-owner of Cremorne 1859, Charlotte Cory.  Charlotte also created the lots for the evening’s auction, and having met the kooky blue sky thinker at the event- it’s not difficult to see how she came up with idea of the bizarre animal characters.

Charlotte Cory & The Colonel Fox Chair

“1859 was a momentous year when two amazing things happened.  Darwin published the Origin of Species and the Victorians were shocked to learn that they were in fact animals.  At the same time, photography became cheap enough for everyone to be able to afford to have their picture taken. The Cremorne Pleasure Gardens on the banks of the River Thames at Chelsea were also at their height of popularity.  So naturally, my Visitorians (characters derived from cartes-de-visite and taxidermy) loved their food and drink and the enjoyments in the park which were presided over by no less a figure than Colonel Fox who concocted his own delicious gin – which we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy today.  A traditional classic drink imbued with hints of the excitements of the time.” Charlotte Cory

Cremorne 1850 London Dry Gin & Sloe Gin, Coming to a bar near you soon.  Dry Gin available from The Whisky Exchange priced £22.35 excluding delivery.

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