Dare To Dine Experience With Intu Trafford Centre

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Dare To Dine Experience With Intu Trafford Centre

Food, ODEON Cinema & Pulp Fiction

I’ve always loved going to the cinema. For me, it’s always been much more than watching a film in a darkened room. The whole evening is turned into an event in itself. The smell of the popcorn, the 1 litre Diet Coke that I can never quiet manage to finish, and the film debriefing in the car on the way home.

A great film at the cinema can take you out of your day-to-day life and transport you to another world. For 90 minutes you can forget about your day, loose yourself in a moment and sometimes even learn a thing or two!

Intu Trafford Centre and ODEON cinema took cinematic experience to a whole new level this month when they treated a select number VIP’s to a unique dining experience, Dare to Dine.


The sensory cinema screening celebrated the 20th anniversary of iconic Quentin Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction. Throughout the cult classic, iconic food references from the movie sprang to live and were delivered to people in their cinema seats, in a bid to bring their senses to live.

Surprises included McDonalds fries smothered in mayo, a “McDonalds” beer along with an iconic Big Kahuna Burger and a “tasty beverage’ of Sprite to wash it all down.

While Vincent Vega and Mrs Mia Wallace visited Jack Rabbit Slims, a Las Iguanas sizzling steak skewer and a $5 shake created by Ben and Jerrys brought the scene to life – before an army of staff flooded the cinema in a flash mob dancing the twist.


Iconic scenes throughout the film were brought to life with delicious food and drink but nothing could prepare you for the next treat! An adrenalin cocktail was delivered in a syringe to provide the perfect pick me up! Amazing in taste and looks, it certainly perked up the crowd. I’m sure you can guess which scene this particular drink was matched to.

A delicious pumpkin pie Martini finished off the main courses (delivered by TGI Friday’s) before the night was rounded off with a muffin during Jules’s “moment of clarity”, courtesy of Millie’s Cookies.


Richard Paxton, General Manager for intu Trafford Centre said: “This unique way to enjoy one of the most-quoted films in history was only possible thanks to the support from the brilliant restaurants, cafes and stores we have on-site. It really demonstrates what fun can be had at intu Trafford Centre and the variety of dining options on offer.”

The event was such a success that the team is currently exploring the possibility of rolling out the experience to the general public. So keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed for the chance to get taken on a journey with intu Trafford Centre.

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