Dior and I

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Whether youre a fashion fanatic or not, Dior and I is an engaging, cinematic masterpiece that wont disappoint. Granting access all areas into the world of esteemed French fashion house Dior, the film is a voyeuristic look into the workings of a couture fashion label charting all the highs and lows of creating a show-stopping collection. Produced by documentary filmmaker Frederic Tcheng, who has also worked on the Diana Vreeland and Valentino biopics, Dior and I sets itself apart from other fashion films due to its excellent personality profiling and insightful look at all aspects of the industry, its an accessible, multilayered look at one of the oldest fashion labels in the world. 


The film chronicles the build up to Belgian artistic director Raf Simons first ever collection at the label. With a mere eight weeks until runway day Raf is under pressure to create a memorable collection that the critics will love, an especially demanding task since he speaks very little French and has never produced couture garments before. We follow Simons as he tries to shake his minimalist style and come up with a fresh take on Dior that is still true to the late founders style. Combining archival footage and excerpts from Christian Diors memoir the film romantically blends classic designs with Rafs new look. 

Theres a sense of urgency throughout as it gets closer to the runway show and we meet some of the incredible characters who actually craft the clothes in the atelier, some who have been working at the label for forty-five years. They emerge as real personalities each of whom is responsible for making Dior what it is today. Watching Raf Simons work is equally as insightful as he doesnt draw but uses mood boards and photos to communicate his vision. Fashion fans will love the close up scenes of toiles, tailoring, embroidery and construction of the entirely handmade, complex garments. 


Dior and I is an example of extraordinary storytelling and is a razor-sharp look into the creative process. What really shines through is Raf Simons personality, with his calm and measured demeanour and his remarkable talent. We left the cinema feeling truly inspired by this stylish film. 


Written by Sian OFlaherty at STYLIGHT: http://www.stylight.co.uk/

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