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Sutra is not so much about Yoga positions, as it is more about spirituality.  The term Sutra literally means a thread or rope, a line that holds things together. This notion can be found in the interior of the new Le Sutra Hotel which is situated in Bandra Mumbai. The hotel blends aesthetics, hospitality and mind space.  It is the only hotel in the world based on Indian philosophy narrated through contemporary art where every inlay and artifact in the hotel has been crafted to tell a part of the story. The three levels represent the Gunas, Tamas, Rajas, Sattva; which in Indian philosophy are attributes that exist within people and things.  According to Indian scriptural sciences, a Guna is that form of energy which connotes the innate character, the three levels of the Hotel represent the Gunas which sum up worldview in Indian philosophy.

Colourful, Opulent, Intricate, Erotic Tamas usually is associated with excessiveness. Here the person or object is immersed, attached and drowned in self indulgence & gratification.
Vibrant, Action, Passion, Vivacious, Stylish Rajas leads one to activity. This type of activity is explained by the term Yogakshem. Yoga in the present context is acquiring something that one does not have. Rajas is the force that creates desires for acquiring new things.

These desires lead one to activity Minimalist, Celestial, Ethereal, Aesthetic Sattva has been translated to mean balance, order, or purity. This typically implies that a person with more of Sattva has a positive or even orderly state of mind. Such a person is psychologically kind, calm, alert, thoughtful and aspires for higher realms of attainment.

Art at Le Sutra – 
The 16 rooms at Le Sutra are also  based on ‘characters’ (Ravana, Ashoka, Buddha) or ‘characteristics’ (sensuality, love, purification) inspired by Indian mythos. Every room is a virtual canvas where the story forms the guest experience. It is subtly composed through art – paintings, artifacts, chairs, inlays and sculptures; narrating their part, showcasing diverse themes and philosophies.

in-room facilitiesRelax in the comfort of your room and have access to;

Laptop Compatible

Safe with charging facility

Daily newspaper and Magazines.

International papers on request

Tour of Le Sutra
Automobile parking facilityOn request

DVD and Player

Mobile Chargers

Wireless keyboard


personalised services Whatever you wish for we bring to you


Business Center facility

Doctor on Call

Book a Cab

Order a Movie Ticket or Show

Travel desk For tickets & tours around India & Abroad

Currency Exchange

Yoga Instructor

Personal Trainer

Masseur for ladies & gentlemen

Gift a Bouquet / Bottle of Wine / Chocolates


Cigarettes / Cigars / Wine


To find out more about Le Sutra please visit

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