Falling In Love With Colour This Season With Clinique

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Spring/Summer 2012 seems to be flirting its way into the neutral zone palette for make-up, as pastel colours grace the catwalks, everything seems to be about embracing femininity and the spirit of youth with a more natural look.  With the ‘less is more’ mentality, I was very pleased to try out the ‘Almost Lipstick Range’ from Clinique.  Inspired by Black Honey’s signature colour statement, Clinique introduces seven new flattering, sheer shades of gorgeousness to complete any catwalk look for this season.

So let’s talk make-up…

This is the first time the brand has taken this initiative to entirely focus on Clinique’s makeup solutions, showcasing and supporting the wide range of shades, textures and products, recreating any look for any occasion.  Clinique’s key philosophy has always been about makeup that’s good for your skin and enhances your own natural beauty which is ideal for me as I usually choose to tone down my make-up in the winter, as the cold weather can dry out my skin.  Lipstick is another problem, and I tend to go for a more tinted moisturising balm or lipstick in the winter and early spring, or I find that subtly mixing the heavier lipsticks with Vaseline works a treat to prevent chapped lips, which is never a good look.

With this in mind, I was very keen to try out the ‘Almost Lipstick’ range and see how it holds up to my tests.

Product: Almost Lipstick, 38 Lovely Honey

Packaging:  Clinique is mostly about the product and keeping their packaging simple and clean, The shiny silver lid and matt base is practical, and extremely easy to clean, which is a huge plus side when there’s accidental spill in the make-up bag.

Colour: Not quiet honey as the label reads, I would call it a light burgundy or even deep rose- which subtly tints my lips.  This I adore, as it gives a more natural tone to the lips, perfect for a classic day look and can be carried on through the evening.  The colour is great for bringing some colour into your work uniform without raising too many eyebrows.  I love the tint as you can build up the colour by applying more or less according to the look you want to create.  I had lots of fun applying as much or as little I wanted without the worry of looking too drastic during the day.

Texture: Between that of a lip balm and lip gloss- I have not quite made up my mind.  The lipstick is extremely moisturising with a light gloss finished and I felt that there no need to moisturise my lips before applying this lipstick, which is great if you’re short on time and still want to create a fabulous look.  I can’t fault the texture, as this is what Clinique do best- provide a product that works excellently with ones skin.

Time Test: I went a good three to four hours before I felt the need to apply another coat to my lips, as the lipstick has a more natural look.  There was no urge to be checking in the mirror every 5minutes to see if the colour has faded or if the lipstick had somehow made it’s way onto my teeth.  Again I couldn’t fault the product even when I was searching for cons.



Clinique Quickliner

Eyeliner and Mascara may be the two products I request to be buried with when I die.  The thought of heading into some kind of after life without these two essential products is almost unbearable- I liken it to when Luke Skywalker found out Darth Vader was this father!  OK, I might be going a little overboard but eyeliner should always be in one’s handbag.

Clinique will introduce 6 new and exciting Quickliners for Eyes Intense.  The “kohl-like” shades provide deep, dark, saturated colour in a silky formula with a 12-hour wear claim.  The smudge resistant automatic eyeliner pencil twists up, glides on; always ready to line and define with ease.


Product: Clinique Quickliner for eyes intense, 05 intense charcoal

Packaging:  The eyeliner casing reflects the product inside, with a colour code packaging, which adds a level of organisation to the product, as searching for the required colour you want can be time consuming.  As it isn’t a pencil, it makes life a lot easier by twisting the liner instead of sharpening.

Colour: When it comes to eyeliner, I am not a fan of colour and tend to stick to traditional black (Yes I am a bore in this department).  I have to say I am very pleased with the charcoal, as it isn’t a jet black- more of a dark deep grey tone and blended well with my mascara, which could be used to smudged with the liner to create a smokey eye.

Texture:   It is easy to smudge and blend creating a glamourous smokey eye look, compared to other eyeliners that I have been using this definitely becoming my favourite. The liner has gentle feel when applying to my eyes- while some eyeliners can feel sharp and gritty on the water line the Quickliner glides on with comfort.

Time Test: This liner lasted a full day without me even thinking about any kind of touch-ups, it was easy to apply and easy to take off and lasted longer than most eyeliners I have tested on the high street.

Final Comments

Clinique have lived up to their reputation for quality and consistency with the ‘almost lipstick’ range and could definitely give the other big players a Usain Bolt run for their money, the lipstick itself is certainly a product to invest in when updating your make-up collection.

The Quickliner is a classic for any look, whether you are creating intense dramatic eyes or going for a subtle day time look, the liner can fulfil most needs, and teamed up with the lipstick for drastic eyes and natural lips make the perfect combination to pull off any catwalk look this season.


Overall Rating:





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