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Guest Post: PIONEER STEEZ- The BoomBox Reloaded

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For those of us old enough, let’s go back to the 80s:  Miami Vice, big hair, Adam Ant, body popping, and err… shellsuits- remember now?  One of the most iconic products of the time was undoubtedly the Ghetto Blaster aka the Boombox.  A corner stone of early hip hop culture, seen in nearly every music video, & street dance battle worldwide – it is fair to say anyone who loves music had one, and now Pioneer have brought it back with 21st century upgrades.

I present the Pioneer Steez Big, a high powered, 40W semi portable hifi with the USP of being designed for dancers and dance teachers to make the most of their workouts and routines. They have stuck to the 80s mould with a similar design the popular JVC Ghetto Blasters of yesteryear, with Pioneer brilliantly reproducing the bass, clarity, and build quality that we loved about the old skool Boomboxes but the tape deck has been replaced by an iPod dock.

Not only is this a gorgeous piece of tech, but this hifi has more tricks and flips than Louie Spence on Red Bull.  Firstly, as well as plugging in a USB or iPod, there is also 4 GB of internal memory to upload your favourite tracks and the DJ Mix function will seamlessly blend your tunes- very handy for impromptu house parties.  Other highlights include adjustable tempo, cue point settings, and a battle mode- all ingredients to recreate an authentic 80s dance-off.

If you visited the Pioneer stand at the Gadget Show Live exhibition at the NEC earlier in April, you would have had the pleasure of seeing the quite friendly atmosphere turn into a heated, fierce hip hop dance stage, with the Steez as the Master of Ceremonies.  As well as the studio, the Steez would not look out of place in a bedroom or even in the kitchen (if you like to prepare your meals with a slice of super bass), so no excuses if you have 2 left feet.

There are many things that should firmly remain in the 80’s, but Pioneer have proved that the Ghetto Blaster is certainly not one of them.

For more information visit, RRP £299.99

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