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Robert Nesta Marley may longer be with us, but his music will always be with us and now you can listen to all his hits and a range of headphones and audio devices endorsed by the great man’s son, Rohan.

Founded in Canada, The House of Marley brand is based around the principles of eco friendliness, using renewable materials such as sustainable sourced woods and recyclable aluminium in their products and packaging.  They also claim to offer superior sound quality, but then again, no one promotes bad sounding equipment, so I got my hands on the Exodus headphones to see if House of Marley can really Lively Up Yourself (Sorry I couldn’t resist).

The reason I have chosen the Exodus out of the range of 13 headphones is because they look so different to everything else on the market.  A beech wood headband lined with leather for comfort, brown leather earcups, and a red gold and green fabric covered wire show off the product’s eco credentials but are not ideal in bad weather.  Also, in a world where we have been spoiled by aesthetically striking headphones, the Exodus looks naff and dated in comparison.

Unlike conventional headphones which adjust depending on your head size, the Exodus doesn’t offer such practicality, preferring an elasticated band that stretches around the top of the head.  I don’t have the biggest head in the world (or at least I didn’t think I did) but getting them to fit snugly is a struggle with the elastic stretched tightly.  A few colleagues also try, and after ruining some well constructed hairstyles, it is clear that there is a reason why no one else has followed this design.

Moving on to the all important sound, the Exodus makes a sweet melody; with clear distinctions between the highs, mids and lows.  The soft leather earcups ensure I get hours of listening pleasure and it really is pleasurable.  At a price point below £60, you would be hard pressed to find headphones offering similar clarity.

It’s a pity that the Exodus is let down by the hippy styling, but if you want to listen to Justin Bieber in the comfort of your home without your neighbours judging you, then the Exodus will most definitely keep you Jammin.

For more information on the full House of Marley range, visit www.thehouseofmarley.co.uk

House of Marley Exodus is available from www.superfi.co.uk priced £57.95

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