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Since the launch of the iPod in 2001, the ‘Ear bud’ has been the only accessory to be seen hanging from your lugholes.  However, the past 18 months has seen a resurgence of the over ear headphones, thanks largely to a certain Dr.  So when BrainWavz contacted BSF to test out their B2 range of ‘In Ear’ headphones, I was slightly concerned that I would stand out like a sore thumb on my morning commute to work.  However, being a great fan of all things tech, I decided to ignore my anxiety and give the B2 a try.

The package arrived a few days later and all my initial nerves instantly vanished upon opening the box.  A black and red earphone connected to one black, one white wire intertwined to create what I have dubbed the ‘Beetlejuice effect’.  With such stunning looks, I challenge anyone who thinks Ear buds are dated to check out these beauties!

BrainWavz B2 1

Once I finished salivating, it was down to business.  One thing that immediately stood out was the number of accessories that you get for your money; 3 sizes of silicon tips; foam tips; ¼” adapter; airplane adapter; and a hard carrying case for added protection.  After trying out the various tips, I found the foam tips to be the most comfortable, so I went with these.  In fact, the foam tips are so comfortable it left me wondering why some manufacturers do not include these with all models?  The plane adapter will also come in very handy as I am sure we are all familiar with how poor Ryanair’s inexplicably expensive in-flight headphones can be.

Another great feature of the B2 is that each bud is positioned at an angle to fit in the ear more comfortably.  In the past I have had issues with straight positioned ear buds that have caused irritation in my ears due to a poor fit, so hopefully this will go some way to preventing this problem.

BrainWavz 2

Now on to the serious stuff, the sound quality.  BrainWavz boast that each B2 has an inbuilt woofer and tweeter to provide exceptional audio quality and clarity.  With such bold claims I am expecting to hear every kick and snare from my 320kps mp3 files- and I am not disappointed.  As I blast Adele’s Rolling in the Deep I am transported from the office straight to the studio where the soulstress and her band are performing an impromptu jam session.  As the song finishes, I am back to reality and my editor is looking at me with a concerned / worried face.

I am excited.  Have BrainWavz created the ultimate listening experience at a fraction of the cost of some of its nearest rivals?  Before I hand BrainWavz this prestigious crown, I decide to play one of my favourite tracks from Kanye West’s latest album, and my excitement turns to despair.  Where are the thumping, crisp, deep bass lines so typical of Kanye’s productions?  I can hear every word Kanye is rhyming, but the beat is heavily distorted to the point where I have to press the pause button.  Is my iPod broken?  I quickly plug in an inexpensive pair of headphones I have lying around, and to my relief I find that the song I know and love is back to all its glory.  It then hits me that it is the B2 that is the source of all my anguish.  The bass on this device can only be described as horrendous.  I look at the box of the B2 once more: ‘Clarity, Detail, Comfortable Fit’.  It seems that BrainWavz focused on making everything else so good that something had to give- and unfortunately it was throbbing bass lines.

Despite this oversight, we should not forget that for £94.99, BrainWavz have created an amazing piece of technology.  As long as you are not going to be listening to masses of songs of the low frequency variety, then you will be hard pressed to find a better pair of headphones (in ear, or otherwise) within this price range.

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