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Imagine walking into a designer’s studio, who has laid out their latest season’s collection, just for you to be dressed for an event, from the shoes, clothing and the accessories.  Now imagine being invited to the top V.I.P parties, rubbing shoulders with Actors, Fashion designers and all those people you once worshipped on Top Of The Pops.  No, this is not a celebrity lifestyle but a blogger’s.  An ever growing voice of perspective within fashion, a medium that links the spiritual world of fashion to reality.

“I want that lifestyle” seems to be on everyone’s lips, with certain bloggers gaining celebrity status and even doing freelance journalism for these high profile magazines.  Young generations no longer crave to be pop singers, but they aspire to follow in the footsteps of their favourite fashion blogger.  We don’t just follow them, we love them.

I am sat in the quirky surroundings of Sketch Parlour, sipping on the freshly brewed mint tea, with one of the UK’s top fashion bloggers Leroy Dawkins.  His blog ‘Diary of a Clothes Horse’ brings thousands of readers a day.  We discussed his blog, his indulgence in fashion and what goes into his blog.

images from http://clotheshorse-diaryofaclotheshorse.blogspot.com

So how long have you been blogging for?
I’ve been blogging for five months now.

Really?  It seems like you have been on the scene a lot longer?
It seems like a couple of years, but it’s actually been over five months.

How did you get into blogging?
Well, I’ve always followed fashion from a young age, but I never really thought I would start a fashion blog.  I was always opinionated when it came to fashion, always talking about clothes and it was then suggested by a close friend, Lisa, who was like, why don’t you start you own blog? One day I just woke up, took a day off work and just started blogging. (laughs)

Wow, so what is your favourite designer piece?
My favourite designer, well can i have two (laughs)?  I love John Smedley.  For me, John Smedley is the cut, the colour, the clothes have a rich quality and that’s what I like.  The other, would have to be Dolce & Gabanna, because once again I love the cuts, clean lines and it’s super stylish.

Can you remember the first designer item you bought and why did you buy it?

The first item of designer clothing I brought for school was a Pringle jumper.  I was following the style at the time everyone at school wanted one, I wanted one, but of course I ended up buying one that was different to everyone elses.
My first couture piece I bought in 1995, that was the first Tom Ford collection for Gucci and I bought quite a few pieces from the collection, which I still have to this day.  The classic pieces.

So tell me, what goes into your blog?
For my blog it’s things I like, and basically my take on fashion.  What I think of the shows, events and giving my take on clothes that I find interesting.  It’s not necessarily what everyone else is like, but people must like my opinion as I have a strong readership.  Being editor of a fashion blog, you have to think about the work one actually puts into the blog, its content, and whether your readers can relate to you.

BSF- Yes there’s a lot that goes into blogging, which many are not aware of, with the online media industry blooming, there are a lot more people now starting up fashion blogs unaware of the hard work, but doing it to attend events and get freebies.

How do you feel about this?
It’s very very very very hard work, cause you have to do lots of research, if it is for you, there are a lot of events to go to and it’s a learning process you have to keep up to date with the fast fashion process as the industry has a fast turn over.  It’s basically a 24 hour business, you always have to be on the ball, anyone can set up a blog it’s just whether you want to dedicate your time to put into that blog. to break it down, it’s the content.

What are your influences?
Another blogger influences me actually, Lisa from the Stylisa blog.  She really influences me, I admire her style of blogging, and she is also a very good friend.(smiles)

image from http://clotheshorse-diaryofaclotheshorse.blogspot.com

Do you find now being a high profile blogger that people in the industry take advantage?
Erm, funnily enough yes.  It’s not the big fashion houses that do that, every now and again I love to focus on the small designer and brands and, in some cases, get behind them and show support and introduce my readers to them.  But in a few cases, it’s the inexperienced people starting out that can come across a little negative.

Do you think bloggers will still be relevant to the fashion industry in 5 years from now?
Of course they will be still relevant.  Even if it is not in the form of blogging, online reporting can only get bigger.  I think blogging will still be around, people are always going to debate this and say it has a limited lifeline, but I personally feel there is still a long way to go.  It has been going on for over 10 years now and it’s still developing, there still a long way to go.

More and more newspapers and magazines are reverting to apps, blogs and online video, what is your take on the debate with print vs online media?

Print will always be around, it’s one of those things that has been around for years and I can’t really see it vanishing altogether.  It has declined slightly as some media groups are struggling with sales, but online media can only get bigger and better with technological advancements.  I think there is going to be more and more blogs, but going back to what i said earlier, it’s the content and how you do your research on what’s hot and what’s not.

image from http://clotheshorse-diaryofaclotheshorse.blogspot.com

How do you find the blogging industry? Is it competitive?

(Laughs) Very very competitive and cut throat.  People tend to climb over each other to get ahead but it’s like that in every industry.  I think a lot of people want to be that next Bryan Boy.  That status of superstar blogger and style savage.  That’s all good but a fashion writer should be a fashion writer and not thought of as a celebrity.  They have worked hard to get where they have and their work should be respected.

What direction do you see your blog going?

I want it to be going in the same direction it is now but maybe develop bigger.  Who knows?  I might have an online magazine one day, but just basically get involved in more projects, working with new designers, doing more behind the scenes coverage.

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    Great interview – nice to see up and coming bloggers get the spotlight they deserve. Leroy is going from strength to strength and what’s even better is that his blog is based around a genuine passion for fashion. The fact that he’s a really nice person, makes his success as a blogger even more rewarding. Well done Leroy and keep up the great work.

  2. ladybudd

    Wow Leroy! You have the writing style of a veteran seasoned fashion blogger and I never would have guessed you have only been blogging 5 months! When I started reading you I knew right away that you had your finger on the pulse of not only fashion but peoples perceptions and ideas about fashion, the designers, the clothes and everything that goes with it.On the front row,but also behind the scenes. Keep up the incredible work, you are so destined to go a very long way for sure. And then someday I will be able to say..”I knew him when…” Cheers Love !XX

  3. leroy

    HI would just like to say thnak you for all your wonderful comments! its comments like this that give me the fuel to carry on…. thank you so so much x x

  4. Jana

    Nice job! Even your blog isn’t a fashion blog you have very diitinctsve style that inspires many of us. Definitely my favorite blog out there. Have a great New Year filled with love and giggles!

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