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Itunes Festival: Swedish House Mafia and Alex Metric

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Trio of Swedish DJs (now minus Eric Prydz) Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso do their crowd-pleasing, fists-in-the-air keyboard house thing at the iTunes Festival.

The BSF team went to sample the Swedish House Mafia at the iTunes Festival, at the Roundhouse in North London with the always lovely Reena from Glam media.

We arrived at the venue to find the longest Q I have ever seen, well at a gig that was not for Lady GaGa, that is and an even longer with super sized queue at all the bars, and then to add injury to insult we were required to show our names to get a badge, our bags to get in the door, our names again as we entered the top floor and again when we got to the arena– this got old very quickly.

The Queue like a long, top shop dressed snake wrapping itself around the venue :

The crowd looked like it was a made up of extras from The IT crowd, with the black rimmed glasses and shirts tied up to the top button. The night was kicked off by Alex Metric who was surprisingly good with notable tracks coming when he got a vocalist to join him and add melody and passion to his beats and I must admit this was something we haven’t heard for a very long time and it was welcomed to cheers and swaying arms.

During the break, Dave ( I smile because I sleep with one of the Sugababes) Berry and Alexa Chung. Fashionista, presenter and a downright goddess of TV hosted the ITV2 show. Alexa was far from too school for cool and shook those bones like a Shaman but Dave stood still like a shop mannequin while they prepared those at the venue and those at home for  the Trio of Swedish DJs (now minus Eric Prydz) Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso to do their crowd-pleasing, fists-in-the-air keyboard house thing.

That Is Dave Barry and Alexa Chung , “ I like music, I like Camden, I like Dave Berry. It’s a simple equation” at the far end of the picture presenting and preparing.

Then after a short 1 hour wait, the Swedes came on stage for their two hour slot– and what a difference. The white lights changed to red and the venue was lifted to rapturous applause from the crowd as the Swedes unveiled their impressive stage show. Well, impressive if you have never seen a house DJ perform as it was the usual fare of 30Ft LED screen, 8 high-powered lasers, smoke cannons, fireworks and confetti blasters.

They kicked-off their set with fan favourites ‘One’ and then followed by ‘SAVE THE WORLD” and the crowd burst into life flanked by an AV and “ Laser” show normally the preserve of stadiums and the trance elite.


What we had hoped for was a few tracks and then this one, definitely their biggest hit so far , perhaps for the Swedes to play a clever game of subversion – lulling the crowd into a sense that this is all we were going to get, then to explode on stage and steal the show. But instead, like some sad nerd in an American Rom-com, they gave up the goodies way too soon. So what was there left to listen too after that, a set that was as unrelenting as their AV show with the usual cacophony of commercial cuts of electronic music everything from Adele to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers – but the crowd ate it like noodles at a varsity dorm room.

We left the Roundhouse with our ears still ringing and on a high but must admit we didn’t make the full 2 hours leaving just short of an hour and a half in. The Swedish House Mafia is great and if this was a club I could see them been the best of the best but as a standalone gig, they have a lot to learn.

Put your hands up, if you think there should be more spectacle at a show where 3 men stand behind some decks and play songs that sound better on your iPod where at least you can choose when your favourite song should appear ?

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