W-C Nov 7 Jo Malone’s Jo Loves Gardenia, 100ml EDT £95 PACK


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Inspired by the shaking and stirring of genius cocktails at The Four Seasons New York, Jo has dedicated the last two years “shooting” colourful flavours into the buttery base notes of the mango.

Another damp morning was soon forgotten when I shot up to a top floor penthouse apartment behind Selfridges, a bright yet mellow retreat and a far cry from the pressed folks in the coffee shop queues below at street level.  Up near the clouds, from the walls down to the saucers all I saw was white.  A classic, clean similarity to the ambience of the ever more popular Jo Malone stores.  Such crispness was cut by the most extravagant garlands of warming mango flowers hanging from the large glass facades.  The guests all appeared to have had an amazing nights sleep, the rooms were filled with fresh faces who seemed in the mood to mingle, something of a morning rarity in busy London one would assume.

Guests chatted away draped over arctic white sofas while steaming trays of mango inspired canapes were offered as were delicately infused teas and iced, zested waters. I also soon forgot about my morning necessity for coffee- if only all my mornings kicked off with such happiness I wouldn’t rely on coffee to catapult me into my day.

Jo  described her two year dedication to all things mango. She went as far as including mango in every meal, her young son forever waiting to pop the question “Are we done with mango yet Mummy?”

Jo designed a trio of fragrances where each ingredient cuts through this honeyed exotic fruit:

Mango with a shot of Oud- Smokey and slightly mysterious

Mango Nectar- Playful, fresh and youthful

Mango with a shot of Thai Lime- Sharper, fresher and direct

All three complement the fruit perfectly and they are all clear winners for this summer.

For myself, the fairly sharp shooters really could not get me over the fruitiness that dominated the fragrance. I fear an overdose of vitamin C may occur if one were to wear this in excess.  My big revelation for the morning was my uncharacteristic penchant towards LOUD, an Arabian smoked note that has long repelled me. Perhaps I was running away from the overload of citrusy, syrupy stickiness.  Many guests were very much delighted with the lime inspired scent, though not so many remarked upon the OUD and cared even less for the take on Nectar.  I think I will stick to keeping my 5 a day solely to my breakfast bowl.

Overall a wonderful insight into how a base ingredient can be so versatile, especially when one breaks the rules as Jo does so well in the realm of scent.

www.joloves.com   100ml/ £95  30ml/ £45

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