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Everyone who is familiar with Monopoly will know that Park Lane has a grand reputation, so when BSF were asked to review the JW Steakhouse based in the exclusive Marriott Hotel on Park Lane, we had grand expectations.

As the BSF team waltzed up to the entrance we were greeted by 3 friendly hostesses who showed us to our seats in the high ceiling building decorated to resemble a meat market (Albeit the most luxurious meat market I have ever seen).

After being seated, the waiting staff were quick to introduce the menu and tempted us with a whisky based cocktail from the Bourbon bar.  To celebrate the birthday of a certain Mr J. Daniels, we had a limited edition bourbon mojito- a refreshing twist on a classic concoction!  With my cocktail in one hand and a rather large menu in the other- we decide to order the Rock Oysters for starters.

Within minutes, our Scottish Highland Oysters arrive at the summit of a rather impressive fish bowl, covered by a mountain of ice.  Although the oysters were about to end up in my stomach, it is an end befitting a King.  I am slightly embarrassed to steal the oysters from their watery grave, but my embarrassment quickly faded once I placed the delicious mollusc in my mouth.

This was a good appetiser to the main courses.  JW pride themselves on offering the finest quality cuts from the British Isles & America.  I went for the Aberdeen Angus Rib Eyed Steak, and my companion decided to go against the grain and chose Welsh Lamb Chops.

Despite the restaurant getting noticeably busier since our arrival, we did not have to wait long for our dishes.  Our host made sure our dishes were to our liking before bidding us farewell on our culinary journey.  I do not have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe how lovely the steak was, and the bourbon peppercorn sauce was a pleasurable condiment.

As a restaurant that predominantly serves beef, you would forgive them if their other dishes were not of such a high standard- but the lamb was tender and flavoursome.  I have found some lamb dishes to be greasy, but this was not evident.  We complimented our dishes with a side of buttery mashed potato which was just as good as my grandmother’s, and Mac ‘n’ Cheese that gave our meal an authentic American style.

The portions were extremely generous and we were both fit to burst.  I was so transfixed by my steak that I failed to realise how packed JW had become.  There was not a spare seat in the house, but due to the generously spaced layout, we never felt uncomfortably close to our nearest diners.  I did however notice that the staff were understandably less attentive to each table and we did have to wait a while for our plates to be cleared.

After a short break, our host informed us that the house were serving a limited edition 3 types of chocolate and whisky cake with Jack Daniels sorbet, and as it was Mr Daniel’s birthday, it would be rude not to have a slice.  I am a fan of alcohol based cakes but I found the whisky overpowered the chocolate, but the sorbet was a perfect mix.

Set within a 5 star hotel, JW Steakhouse comes with 5 star pricing, though meat lovers will attest that quality steak is worth paying for.  All in all, I had an extremely pleasurable dining experience at JW Steakhouse with a fun, yet mature atmosphere making it an ideal location for groups of friends or colleagues to enjoy world class food in a world renowned setting.


To find out more about the restaurant or for bookings please visit http://www.jwsteakhouse.co.uk/


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