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KTZ creative director Marjan Pejoski and head of design Koji Maruyama have built an incredible partnership, one that has seen their love for music and fashion go that one step further with their A/W 2013 collection. But let’s be honest, KTZ collections have always been out there; thinking outside that ever so safe box that won’t make sense to some people- it sure didn’t make sense to me at first.

I respect them for their uniqueness, paying very close attention to detail and diversity when it comes to the use of fabrics; the kind of detail that can be often be missed by designers today. Their excellent decision making when choosing the music to compliment the concept of their collection perfectly.  It wasn’t the use of fabric or colours that caught my eye with this collection; it was the boldness of the cuts, the use of different lengths and the shapeless pieces which captivated  my attention. The shapeless pieces give an entirely different take on today’s feminine body; keep your eyes peeled as I believe this will be an up and coming trend. Their collections have often been linked to occult and pagan symbols that would evoke any fashionista’s dark side, with highwayman boots, pagan symbolic prints, leather and fur which gave an interesting twist on the modern day witch.

The pleated skirts were on trend; the jackets and coats gave that street style vibe, but still maintained a sense of high fashion.  Then there were the dresses.  Not all were to my liking, as you certainly have to be daring to pull this ready to wear collection off however the pieces were stunning and have been embraced by many creative souls such as K-pop artists 2NE1, Rapper Sean B, Nicki Minaj and many others who are not afraid of stepping out of the norm that society deems “safe fashion”.  And let’s not forget the music; at one point I found myself doing a little hip movement.

On the downside, I found the head pieces a little creepy and had to fight the urge to run full pelt out of Somerset House.  Also the models lacked energy for the type of collection they were showcasing and the walking showed inexperience.

Overall, the collection had a lot of good pieces and showed imagination however it will be interesting to see what concept KTZ puts together for the next season with the media  flocking to their shows as KTZ now sits firmly in the category of the best that London has to offer.  See highlights from the show below:

[youtube clip_id=”abxXL2YrKpU”]


By Tressia Lindsay

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