L.A Fashion Night Out

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Welcome to my brand new column for Blood, Sweat and Fashion Magazine. The first stop for L.A fashion events and trends from my own personal perspective.

The 8th September, Los Angeles fashionistas came together to celebrate Fashion Night Out. As the official new blogger For BSF Magazine in LA, I got the chance to share the fashionable highlights with all the inside scoop that were captured by yours truly.

The night started off with me bouncing around LA from party to party, from fashion show to fashion show and mingling with the fashion elite.  First on the agenda was the Beverly Center at 5pm hosted by NICOLE RICHIE and TABOO from the Black Eyed Peas.  They both joined The West Coast editor of Vogue, Lisa Love and LA Mayor, Antonio Villraigosa.


Can I just say….OMG!  Nicole Richie looked amazing, she was rocking the Bohemian look and a killer head piece.  She is one of my style icons and had the opportunity to meet her briefly.  After the fashion show ended, I walked around the Beverly center to enjoy the sales and events throughout the store.  I was treated like a queen, served champagne and deserts which added the golden touch to my shopping experience.



I certainly shopped until I dropped. I couldn’t control my shopping addiction on a time like this wouldn’t you? Hollywood certainly did it big for FNOLA, the whole city was in full glamour mode for the spectacle.

After my exhausting shopping spree, I headed to Melrose to have dinner with my boyfriend, ending up at Fred Segal.  It seemed like everybody from the Beverly was there!  That’s where the party ended and was the perfect end to a wonderful evening of celebrities, fashion, & pastries.  This event is highly recommended for anyone with a passion for high fashion & I cant wait for next year.




Paris the Barbie 

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  1. Manoj

    Hi ,my name is Rosaura ( RO) and I’m Hairtylist and Make up i used to work with models ( phtooshoot , runway, comecial and Films), I would do love to have a chance to Valuntier at the Fashion week shows in septenber and so. I also have my New York and Florida Cosmetology license.. experience in Brazil for 22 years.Where do I have to aply to be a part this amazing event and with who sould I talk to . Please if I can have a little hand here, I will appreciated it.Love and Peace for allRosaura

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