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With the high streets saturated by ready to wear garments and cheap no-frills fashions, French designer Sephora Achille is filling a vital gap in the market, creating luxury bespoke wear, dedicated solely to women, with new label, Les soeurs.

Les soeurs works with individuals on a one-to-one basis, bringing high-fashion glamour to everyday women. The label offers the modern woman made to measure luxury garments which are both fun and pleasurable to wear. The current A/W 2012/13 collection depicts the designers’ personal aesthetics and offers a real wow factor. This collection distinguishes Les soeurs as a creative force in the industry and synonymous with luxury.

Born and raised in Cessy, a small village in France, designer Sephora Achille studied fashion in London at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts. For Sephora the purpose of Les soeurs is to contribute to women’s self actualisation. The objective, from initial consultation to completion of a bespoke garment is to make women feel complete. Sephora says “I don’t make clothes that women wear, rather clothes that women are longing to wear. Women should not have to adapt or mould their bodies to follow fashion; fashion should be shaped for women”.

Les soeurs has built its signature style on celebrating femininity, while exploring themes dreaded by most. The use of bright colours and transparency in the A/W 2012/13 collection, ‘Playing dead’, depicts this perfectly.

Les soeurs is also currently working on its Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which will showcase September 2013.

To have a bespoke garment created by Les soeurs please contact Sephora Achille:  

Phone 07792818273
Twitter @_lessoeurs
Email info@lessoeurs.co.uk

For more information please visit www.lessoeurs.co.uk

1. Price
Ranges from: £700 – £5000
2. Timescale
Between 2 – 6 weeks depending on the piece.
For interviews or samples contact Grant Burnett Communications. Hello@grantburnett.com

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