London Fashion Week Catwalk Edit Highlights

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Handbags, hats, corsets and couture (yes it’s that time of year again) London fashion week. We are living in a material world, I am certainly a material girl and this year London fashion week did not disappoint.


I attended the catwalk edit show, which took place in Chelsea’s old town hall, famous for its history and extraordinary architecture. The very moment that I stepped into the venue I found it to be the perfect setting for fashion shows and exhibitions.

▶_LFW_The_Catwalk_Edit_2015_Behind_the_Scenes_-_YouTube 4

The show itself ran effortlessly, atmosphere was surprisingly calm, I expected that due to the large capacity of guests, designers, models and photographers that there would have been typical late starts, huge queues to gain access to the shows and fashion tantrums but in fact it was the complete opposite and the overwhelming feeling of nerves I had soon faded away. I was delightfully surprised that the designers showcasing made time for each and every individual, including myself. I was fortunate enough to speak with a few of the designers and view their collections. Their stories and creative process of thought that went into each design fascinated me.

There’s no denying that all the designers in attendance that displayed their collection on the day have an endless array of talent, yet other designers caught both my eye and my imagination at the same time.

Here is a selection of designers that I would love to introduce to you, which are undoubtedly the ones to watch for the upcoming season. I am sure one day we will be reading about them in every fashion magazine and I will be bragging that I met them first.


First off I would like to introduce Mi Mi Prober. Not only is Mi Mi a wonderful designer, I found her to be a wonderful person. I also thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her and I can honestly say I have never wanted to run away with a rack of clothes so much in all my life.



Mi Mi is an artist at heart and designs sustainable couture. Each piece is handcrafted and Inspired by the 1700s up until the 1920s era. What makes her work so sui generis is she uses one of a kind pieces sourced from auctions, that way each fragment of materials she has incorporated in her designs has a story and a connection to its previous life, thus making it into a new and modern form of which will be carried on to future generations to be preserved and cherished.

6pm Mimi New York

Mi Mi was also debuting her Mi Mi New york metamorphism fine jewelry collection an extension of her sustainable garments all handcrafted from antique sterling silver again from the 1700s and 1920s era, these statement necklaces are all still one of a kind but were designed wearable everyday and suitable for every occasion.



I now give the pleasure of introducing you to the ever-so talented Karl Bowman. Karl is 29 years old and is from Penrith in Cumbria. Speaking with him was defiantly one of the highlights of the day. He comes across as very humble and I can see the amour-propre he takes in his work as he talks about each piece.


2014-11-27 04.57.30

Karl is a self-taught designer, he began his career designing and creating custom pieces for his friends and family. He then went on to raise finances for his designs by putting on charity fashion shows. He spent 5 years designing one off custom pieces for individuals and developing his brand. This season he launches his fall ready-to wear line, which will be available in stores all over the United Kingdom.

6pm Karl Bowman

The focus of his brand is tailored to high-end luxury fashion and he very is pleased to state that 80 percent of the fabrics are sourced and woven by UK manufacturers. <www.karlbowman.co.uk>


The statuesque Verona Lynch, her 6ft 2 frame had me almost mistake her for a runway supermodel, speaking to her was an absolute joy. She began her Veraf clothing line in 2010 when she struggled to find herself clothing on the high street that would fit her tall physique.


She then made the brave decision to take matters into her own hands and design clothing that would cater to the taller woman. I myself am only 5ft 5 and have never had to face the challenges Verona has experienced, my friend however whom is also around 6ft knows expertly how Verona felt, she was blown away by her brand and I am sure she will be adding a few pieces to her wardrobe very soon.

5pm Veraf Clothing

Verona’s clothing offers a range of stylish and casual garments all with the tall figure in mind. If you struggle to find clothes that make you feel empowered Veraf clothing is certainly the brand for you.


I enjoyed every second of the catwalk edit. It was a sheer pleasure meeting all these talented individuals, and now fashion week is coming to a close. I do hope my feet will be ready for September. Note to self next time buy sensible shoes!

But in the words of my favorite shoe designer “High heels are pleasure with pain” – Christian Louboutin

Videography: Sandra Potoczanin, Andy McNeill

Presenter: Danni Menzies

The London Hair Academy:



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