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Lowellita is a new South American seasonal label, taking inspiration from tribal and ethnic patterns and colour-schemes. Founded in 2012, by 26-year old Alexandra Lowell following her experience with a London-based accessories brand, the label has come to embody Lowell herself.


Born and raised in Mexico, she is of Franco-American descent. Partial to some cross-words and Sudoku, Lowell travelled through much of South America whilst growing up and it was here, with its bold hues and florid fabrics, that her passion for colour and craftsmanship was ignited.


Having just launched its very first collection, Lowellita is striking in its modern and fun play on the ethnic and tribal colours associated with southern America.

Speaking to me from Paris, Lowell says colours are important in her designs, which feature heavily of teal, yellow and pink offset by darker complimentary hues of vermillion, mauve and navy. These combinations are not in any way purposeless with Lowell admitting to being obsessed with choosing colour combinations that work and striving to uncover her next colour scheme.



Lowell collaborates with seamstresses in Guatemala, south of her native Mexico. All designs are made from hand-woven fabrics, created by 50 local seamstresses, from two different artisan Guatemalan communities. These fabrics are then brought to Morocco and Portugal where the clothes are made.

“I wish there was a typical day. In this line of work all my days are so different. Some days are more creative, some days I’m behind a computer and the rest I’m travelling.”

Lowell is assisted by a small team, working “to achieve designs that will make someone feel special and beautiful whilst wearing them.” She feels it is important to ensure that the indigenous fabrics are constructed with the Lowellita customer in mind: “I spend as much time with the seamstresses as possible.”

Commuting between South America and Paris – “I do not really have a home city” – it’s easy to see how her inspiration and creative process varies: “I am not the kind of designer who has all her designs and specs precisely laid out. I’m all over the place. Some of my pieces were created by playing around the workshop, wrapping fabrics around me and suddenly getting inspired.”


Not to shy away from her French heritage, she hopes to embody the sophistication and cut of Parisian clothes in future collections: “However, Lowellita will never fall into the classic look France usually represents; we are wilder and more experimental.”

This self-description can also be said of her favourite designers, Mara Hoffman, Matthew Williamson and Pucci, and as an emerging designer she credits people wearing her clothes as her biggest accomplishment: “As a new designer I think nothing can make you feel happier.”

So who is the Lowellita girl? “She’s a girly-girl who is experimental and outgoing with her style; a girl that wants to stand out. We represent ethnic, casual, chic, and colourful.”

As the interview comes to an end Lowell signals her desire to work on larger-scale, extravagant pieces, with the hope of opening a boutique on an à la mode Parisian street. And as she prepares to get back to work on Lowellita’s winter collection: “My goal is to keep this style going whilst fashion is evolving.”


By Clarissa Waldron

Lowellita is stocked in London’s Austique boutiques in Chelsea and Notting Hill
You can also shop the collection online here.

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