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PlayStation Move and Lucy in Disguise announce a new collaboration to celebrate London Fashion Week. The collaboration see’s Lucy in Disguise founders Lily Allen and Sarah Owen produce a new three minute  short film and a special new window installation inspired by movement.

PlayStation Move is a completely new way to play games on PlayStation 3, users just need to pick up the Move controller and interact with the game on a whole new level! As part of the relationship, Lucy in Disguise was one of the first places in the UK to showcase the new games available with PlayStation Move. Lucy In Disguise is a unique concept store from sisters Lily Allen & Sarah Owen. Visitors are able to delve into Lucy’s wardrobe and hire or purchase beautifully selected vintage clothing from the 20’s all the way through to the 90’s, along with Lucy In Disguise branded products such as T-Shirts, candles and screen prints. There are two Sony PlayStation installations in store, one for the boys and one for the girls. The short film explores the theme of time travel – produced and styled by Lily Allen and Sarah Owen and directed by Marie Kristiansen.

The short sees Lucy getting ready for a night out and being drawn into her closet and taken on a magical fashion time tour through different fashion era’s from the 1980’s back to the 1920’s.  Part of the inspiration for the short has come from Lily and Sarah’s favourite PlayStation Move game Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz.

In the behind the scenes making of, Lily and Sarah are transformed into Buzz! quiz contestants, scanning their face into the game and choosing their 80’s inspired outfits before battling it out to see who will be named Buzz! Ultimate Music Quiz champion. Lily and Sarah have also created a Lucy in Disguise PlayStation Buzz quiz to go with the short. You can view the video and Lucy’s new blog and fashion tips  at

For our second Lucy in Disguise film project we wanted to explore fashion through the ages  – the film like the store is about girls living it up in a fantasy world, where we rule and are let loose. Out of all the PlayStation Move games we play, Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz felt like the perfect accompaniment!   Lily Allen and Sarah Owen.

Alongside the film will be a special motion sensitive light window at the Covent Garden Store commissioned by PlayStation Move and inspired by the idea of movement in fashion. The installation has been designed by Deniz Kurtel  so drop on by to check it out.

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