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I’ve asked a few people around the BSF office, and none of us has a mother who is an expert vodka distiller (or any other relative for that matter).  Maybe it’s a Danish thing but Mama Vodka seems like an odd name for a premium spirit, so we had to investigate to find out why this drink was gaining popularity in Scandinavia and beyond.

The package arrives and the bottle reads “This Vodka is made as a contribution to our mamas who brought us to life.  Only the best is good enough for her.  MAMA I love you”.  With such sentiment, it’s hard not to fall in love with it, and I haven’t even tasted it yet.  Along with the 40% abv rye based Copenhagen vodka, we are treated to a variety of flavours including coffee, lemon, fruit juice, cranberry, and apple- to quote a famous confectionary brand, I expect to ‘taste the rainbow’.

I pour out a shot and to the nose; you can immediately tell that this is not a subtle vodka.  I have to double check the bottle to make sure it is indeed 40% as it smells more like some of the 60%+ over proof Caribbean white rums I have sampled.

I take a sip and there is a sharpness with a hint of citrus and I cannot help but grimace slightly as the warm liquid slides down my throat.  The aftertaste is more pleasant but my tongue has not yet forgiven me for the initial shock.  I am a firm believer that smoothness is a sign of quality; so in all honesty, Mama’s does not go down well with my taste buds.  Maybe in the harsh winters of Denmark I would be thankful for the warmth Mama can bring, but it doesn’t work for me in the slightly milder conditions of a spring afternoon in sunny South London.  Mixed in long drinks, the news doesn’t get any better I’m afraid as there is no signature zest you would expect from a quality spirit so it is hard justify the premium price.

With my throat recovered, I move on to the flavoured vodkas.  Any vodka brand worth knowing seems to be creating a fruit version of their spirit, but Mama’s is unique in the fact that the liquid is as colourful as the taste.  You would need to be careful around children because it looks as appealing as any carbonated soda you’d find in the local newsagent.  On the tongue, it is just as delicious as it looks and is a start contrast to what I tested earlier.  Although only 16% abv, there is still enough of a kick to create a cocktail- but I found drinking on the rocks brought out the fruity zest.  I admit that I am not a lover of coffee but absolutely adorned Mama’s Coffee which has been blended exquisitely.

In conclusion, all the fruit and coffee flavours are amazing, but for 40% abv, there are much better spirits available for a lot less money.

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