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Guest Post: Moffy ‘The Cross Eyed’ Model

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Modelling agencies and magazines typically hire perfectly lithe, striking beauties based on conventional and aged interpretations of what beauty is, or should be.  A new recruitment at Storm models has been the first development in the fashion and beauty industry to repel that. The world-renowned company has decided to take on what would previously have been considered an ‘imperfect’ girl – a model with strabismus, or who is cross-eyed. The decision has proven for arresting shoots in this case of 19-year old, olive-skinned Moffy, who like Gisele, Britney and Beyoncé, needs no surname introduction.

She easily combines the aura of the-girl-next-door with that of a heralded fashion model. With fantastic facial proportions and much coveted pillow-lips, which have seen her likened to a young Angelina Jolie, Moffy blends universal beauty characteristics with her  “funny eye” , creating an image that makes you linger in admiration.

Having been approached by Storm at the age of 14 at a festival, Moffy turned down the offer for fear of being too young. With no previous experience, she was recently recommended and put on the cover of Katie Grand’s iconic POP Magazine; her first cover and the one that subsequently kick-started her career. She has since been taking everything in her stride and dismisses her eye condition as something that doesn’t “affect other aspects of my life.” However, it is precisely what is now putting her at an advantage, instead of a disadvantage, in her working life.

Most importantly, Moffy is something new. Surely we are all bored of being blasted with generic beauty; multiple Miranda Kerr’s and Bar Refaeli’s strutting the catwalk. Isn’t it time more modelling agencies became cutting-edge and sought more ‘Moffy’s’?

This induction has surely highlighted the need for a more radical change within the rigid boundaries of modelling. Indeed the photographer who shot Moffy for POP Magazine explained how ‘it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out.’

Fashion breaks boundaries… and so should modelling.

Do we have Cara Delevigne’s playful poses to thank for this ingenious development?

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