Guest Post: Mojo Bar, Manchester Review

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Bar Review: Mojo Bar, Manchester


If you read my other piece on Manchester Tiki bar The Liars Club, you will know how impressed I’ve been with the improvements in the Manchester bar scene since my days as a student there.  Not satisfied with taking in just one bar after my great experience, I carried on my tour with a trip to Mojo Bar, conveniently located above The Liars Club.

Manchester Mojo is one of three dive bars located in the North West (Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool) and caters to a niche audience insomuch that rock and metal music play a big part in the theme. The vibe is certainly lively with music blaring, bright neon lights, and prints of iconic artists adorning the walls.  I must admit that I’m not the biggest rocker, so the atmosphere was a bit intimidating as an “outsider” (and the burley bouncer giving me the stare down before entering didn’t help either).

mojo bar


Given my first impressions, I wasn’t expecting anything too complex from the drinks menu, but was pleasantly surprised to find a healthy cocktail list that included drinks made with some of my favourite spirits including El Dorado Rum, Santa Teresa, and Buffalo Trace bourbon.  As you’d expect from a busy bar, many of the cocktails on the menu are made for speed rather than each one crafted with love.  But saying that, I did enjoy a swiftly created Old Fashioned made with sugar syrup instead of sugar cubes.  However, if you do wish to learn how to enjoy a cocktail the proper way, they do host regular cocktail masterclasses.

2014-02-20 23.29.18

There are plenty of indie nights around Manchester, but many have been infested by adolescent students (42nd Street anyone?).  Thankfully Mojo has remained largely student free, allowing a mature local audience to enjoy a drink with likeminded people; and of the regulars I spoke to, all were in agreement that it’s the best bar in Manchester.



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