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DRINKS: ‘One Night In London’ Bar Crawl App

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Ever wondered what the ultimate bar crawl in London would be like?  With London’s thriving bar scene, it would be impossible to visit 5% of the best bars in one night before collapsing in a drunken heap.  As a compromise, Rémy Martin has created an iPad app to plan a night out in 6 essential bars to visit if you are brave enough to take the challenge!

The 6 bars involved are Happiness Forgets, The Connaught, Bam-Bou, LAB, Novikov, and The Artesian.  Each bar has also created one unique Rémy cocktail to accompany your visit with each offering something different, from long fruity delights to short, bitter sipping drinks.  We went to Happiness Forgets and tried their ‘Baptiste’ creation, a delicious long drink made with Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish, cider, maple syrup and lemon orange bitters.

The app, now available on iTunes, has been created with the help of renowned party planner Polly Betton, who has worked with The Apprentice, Channel 4 and more.  The app acts as a companion of a night out to reserve tables at the bars and book taxis.

“London has many grand venues which continue a long tradition of high service values, including impeccably mixed cocktails.  They make for very glamorous surroundings, and set a high standard that all other cocktails bars try to live up to” – Polly Betton, owner of Teatime Events.

The 6 drinking spots chosen really show how cosmopolitan London is with a balanced mix of vintage style bars and modern, party venues.  Anyone who takes the One Night In London challenge will be guaranteed a great evening’s entertainment and even better cocktails- Good Luck.

To download the One Night In London app, search for ONI London on iTunes:

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