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Proud Cabaret

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Last week Wednesday 16th June, I was transported back in time to the stylish 1920s and I didn’t even need the Tardis.  I have always had a fascination with the 1920s films, from mostly watching early Alfred Hitchcock movies such as ‘Number 13’ and ‘The garden of pleasure, the detailed clothing hair and make-up always captivated my interest. So when I was invited to the launch of the glamorous Proud Cabaret, which is situated on the Corner of Dunster Court and Mark Lane in London, I had high expectations. The theme of the venue is based on the enchantment of a bygone era, which was designed by Russell Sage Studios and Danielle Proud, the venue screams sophistication and retro elegance. The entrance to the venue is illuminated with light bulbs as you enter the club and descend down the vintage looking staircase and into the main dining area, you can certainly see why so many people love this venue.

The night gave us a taster of the events held on different nights, a blend of burlesque, music and comedy acts which is presented in a 1920s Berlin, complete with waitresses walking around carrying drinks on a silver rounded tray, dressed in full costume, adding to the atmosphere.  We were escorted to a large round booth table in the VIP area, which was lit by candle light and served traditional British cuisine, while we watched the entertainment on stage


As we tucked into the scrumptious food and watched the lovely American Jazz singer Kai Hoffman grace the stage, looking around the room, we couldn’t help but feel a little under dressed.  It seems to be one of the few places people actually dress, not only to impress, but out of sheer enjoyment. A lot of beautiful Dita Von Teese and Pin Up inspired looks. I was informed that Friday and Saturdays for the Super Club dinner is priced around £49, which includes a free glass of champagne.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle of London’s night life, I suggest trying out Proud Cabaret, where you can actually enjoy real entertainment with close friends.

For more information on the restaurant or the evening line up contact; Proud Cabaret No.1 Mark Lane Corner of Dunster Court and Mark Lane London EC3R 7AH T: +44 (0) 207 283 1940 Wednesday, Saturday Opens 5pm, Closes 2am Wednesday and Thursday, 3am

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