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Everything is Better as a Ball


Satisfying man's innate desire to play with anything ball-shaped, Brylcreem has created a unique ball shaped product, Paste. Bouncing on to shelves from January 2011, the product provides a flexible style for the modern man whilst also giving him something extra to play with.

New Brylcreem Paste gives your hair a strong, flexible, matt hold so if it gets messed up, Brylcreem Paste helps it return to its original style.  The new offering will join Brylcreem's current product line up, standing out against all other products on the market with a distinct look that's never been seen before. Brylcreem Paste will sit neatly alongside Extreme Gel, Clay, Cream and the six other Brylcreem products. Introduced at the end of last year, and coinciding with the announcement of the current Brylcreem Boy, the hair styling brand's range saw a complete style overhaul. Commenting on the new product, Brylcreem's Marketing Manager, Jonathan Bull, has said: We're really excited about Brylcreem Paste, not only is the product a great offering within the sector, the new packaging will set us apart from other hair styling brands with its unique shape and highly tactile form. We're constantly looking for new ways to bring innovation to the grooming market, and Brylcreem Paste definitely delivers that.

Brylcreem Gels: Strong Gel (150ml & 50ml)  tough and durable, Brylcreem Strong gel is as dependable as it always has been. It has everything you need from a gel and will hold hair for up to 24hrs Wet Gel (150ml)  delivers everything that you would expect from a good strong gel and is also specially formulated to give hair a shiny wet look Gel Cream (150ml)  is a fluid white cream that will tame and smarten the most unmanageable hair with a light, natural hold. Extreme Gel (150ml) – delivers Brylcreem’s hardest ever hold so hair won't budge all day.

Brylcreem pots: Wax (75ml) a classic strong hold wax that is perfect to add texture and a light shine to short hair Gel Wax (75ml)  spreads like a gel and holds like a wax, perfect to add light definition to short hair Cream (75ml) new multipurpose styling product has been created to give a strong and re-mouldable hold. Unlike most products, it is neither glossy nor matt, but a smooth cream that leaves hair with an invisible hold. Clay (75ml) offers a strong hold with a very matt finish. The product adds heavy texture and is great for roughing up to create a choppy style.

The range is available nationwide in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury's and all other good high street and grocery retailers and is priced from RRP £3.49

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