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Fans of bass heavy music pay close attention.  On 7th November, the Red Bull Culture Clash returns for another year and have gone all out with an all star line up to raise the roof off Wembley Arena.

The premise is that the biggest names from 4 different musical genres come together and battle it out in front of a live crowd.  The idea originates from a Jamaican concept in the 70s where disc jockeys would bring their vinyl and speakers to other towns and clash the best DJs in that area, with residents acting as the willing judges.  This is a culture that has now gained worldwide recognition, and Red Bull have taken this concept and given it the unique spin of bringing together musical styles that wouldn’t usually be heard in the same arena.

Radio 1’s Annie Mac

Representing Dubstep is Radio 1’s Annie Mac alongside industry legends the Magnetic Man (Benga, Skream and Artwork).  If you are unfamiliar with this genre, then Magnetic Man are to Dubstep, what Ferrari is to Formula 1.  They have a huge following thanks to their unique style of creating songs live, so no 2 concerts are ever the same.

Major Lazer

The celebrity DJ in the clash comes in the form of Major Lazer, known for their mash ups of hip hop and house inspired dancehall beats.  They are the group responsible for Beyonce’s ‘Run the World’, so expect surprises and loads of famous guests with this American sound.

Boy Better Know

No UK based clash could exist without a UK Garage / Grime element, and the first name on anyone’s hit list would be Boy Better Know featuring the likes of JME, Skepta, and Jammer.  Better known as artists than DJs, can the group make the transition into a clash setting and shake up the establishment?  I’m sceptical, but if BBK can get the crowd behind them, they will be hard to beat.

Channel One sound system

You cannot have a sound clash without featuring a reggae act, and you can’t get a bigger name than Channel One.  With over 30 years experience in the industry and a record box deeper than Warren Buffett’s pockets, they will be the benchmark for everyone else to follow.

This could be a clash for the ages, and I will not be missing out.  If November 7th is too far away, then there will be warm up clashes leading up to the event in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Newcastle across October.

Red Bull Culture Clash takes place on Wednesday 7th November at Wembley Arena.  Tickets are available from http://cultureclash.redbull.co.uk/, priced £15.


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