Rimmel Kate Moss

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When it comes to the beauty industry I am very particular about investing into certain brands, one of the outcomes of this is that I tend to stick with one or two brands at the most and become very stubborn in regards to testing out new products on the market. Nail varnish is my one exception to be very experimental, as its fluidity and colour varies on brands. However, with beauty products such as foundations, eyeshadows, blushers etc I tend to stick with one brand maybe stretching it to two if I must, this is mainly due to my observation that a lot of the commercial brands on the high street are less pigmented and lack a desirable colour palette to match my needs. Another disappointing factor is that the brands do not necessarily make foundation to accommodate every skin colour and instead focus more on selling large limited quantities at a cheaper price. The only other option is to use the more expensive brands which specifically cater to the consumer needs, however this tends to put a dent in one's plastic card!

Rimmel London has been around since 1834 and was orginally owned by Eugene Rimmel. The brand first went by the name of 'House of Rimmel' and was situated on Regent street. Born in France, Eugene moved to London with his family, where his father managed a perfumery on Bond street. Surrounded by the cosmetic industry Eugene soon established himself as a talented perfumer and cosmetic innovator.

Eugene later married a woman from Suerre, France and had three children, a daughter and two sons who went on to assume control of the 'House of Rimmel'. In 1887 when Eugene passed away, the sons extended the beauty lines and experimented with more lines and colour, concentrating closely on eye enhancing products. The 'House of Rimmel' is now known today as Rimmel London and is currently owned by Coty inc. 

I have only ever owned a lipstick from the Rimmel range, so when they had asked me to review the Kate Moss range, I was a little skeptical on how the products would compare to those of my everyday beauty regime.

Let the testing begin


Test One 

Name: Lycra Pro Professional Finish 

Colour: 327 Heart On Fire

Details: Lasts up to 10 days, 12ml bottle 

Design: I love the design of the brush, Rimmel took inspiration from the common household paint brush with a flat shaped nail varnish brush. The design made coating the nail childs play, creating an even finish. 

Drying Time: The nail varnish took 3 minutes to completely dry, which is ideal for those like myself who are always in a rush to get ready and dislike waiting for nails to dry. The nail only needed one coat as the varnish was very thick. 


Rating 8/10

Test two 

Name: Kate Moss Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick Number 02 and 08

Colour: Deep Pink/Red and Light Natural  purple 

Details: Long lasting lipstick 


Design:  I was extremely surprised by the texture of the lipstick, as when applied it had a very rich and creamy texture. The number 02 is a deep, dark pink and appears almost red when applied to lips. Number 08 is a very natural colour and both lipsticks are very versatile, where they can be worn both in the day and evening. I had fun playing around with different looks and the fragrance of the lipsticks were very satisfactory. 

The matt black container made the lipstick appear premium, and with Kate Moss's signature added in red, gave the lipstick a personal touch, which made me feel more inclusive as a consumer.

The Kate Moss lipstick range is more than capable of competing with other name brands such as MAC and many others. The cost effective price also makes the product value for money. 


Test 3

Name:Glam eyes quad eyeshadow

Colour: 006 purple reign

Detail: Highlighter – Illuminator, Lid – Paupiere mobile, Crease – Creux de la paupiere, Outer Corner – Coin exterieur de l'oeil

Design: Although the design is very pleasing to the eye I did not like the practicality of this product, as I usually apply my eyeshadows with a blending brush. Using a brush to this palette was very difficult and often the brush caught the shade of the other  colours which I found irritating. The eyeshadow itself was very pigmented and on my skin tone it still shown up bright. I liked the fact that I did not need to apply a primer to the eyelids before I applied the eyeshadow, which is a plus. I did not like the layout of the eyeshadow as I prefer to buy separate eyeshadows than spend time fiddling around with this product and wasting time.


Test 4

Name: Extra Wow Lash

Colour: Black 101

Details: Lash Building Mascara, over sized volume brush easily creates soft to dramatic looks. Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Out of all the products this would have to be my favourite, as it really did what it says on the tin. My usual choice of mascara is the YSL volume effect faux noir radical which I swear by as it intensifies my eyes. I loved this mascara however, as after two coats my eyelashes looked fuller and elongated with a natural look that I absolutely adored. I love the fact that this is also cost effective and will not pinch the purse. 




I am actually impressed with the Kate Moss products as I feel a lot of thought has gone into the packaging. It did not feel cheap unlike other cosmetic brands available on the high street. I am very wary of celebrity products that can be a gimmick and tend to steer clear of them but I did like the quality of the Rimmel London products. 

I am still on the fence about the Rimmel eyeshadow, although I loved the consistency  of the eyeshadow and richness of the colour the design was not practical and felt floored. It would be nice to see the eyeshadow with a more practical layout design possibly in the future. I may try out some of the other Rimmel ranges to test out the pigmentation. 

You cannot go wrong with the mascara, I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to any woman that wants to achieve long lashes but dislikes the idea of wearing false eyelashes to achieve the look. This mascara alone creates a false eyelash effect.


My overall conclusion is that I would invest into the Rimmel range even though the foundation collection still needs to be more diverse, I feel it would not hurt Rimmel to add a few more shades to the colour palette. I will definitely be investing more into the Rimmel product and may be buying more shades from the Rimmel London Kate Moss collection as I was very impressed.


Over All Rating for the Rimmel Brand 7/10 

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