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Vodka is the spirit of the moment and it was only a matter of time before the fashion world got involved.  In 2005, Roberto Cavalli created an entirely Italian vodka brand that they believed would go hand in hand with Cavalli’s catwalk chic, but is it a case of style over substance?

When designer brands try their hand at breaking into unfamiliar markets, there are an untold number of failures (Hilfiger hotels, Cosmopolitan yogurts, Natalie Portman vegan friendly shoes, anyone?), so I did have some reservations but Cavalli has carved a boot shaped niche in the space dominated by French & Eastern bloc distillers.

The bottle arrives on my desk and I must admit it looks special.  A tall, slender bottle, reminiscent of a supermodel, dressed in frosted glass and a gold neck- it’s clear this is not a drink to be hidden away, but take centre stage on any mantle.  I would be happy to leave the bottle unopened for the rest of eternity, but for the sake of the review, I must do a taste test.

To the nose, Roberto Cavalli Vodka has neutral aromas with a slight hint of citrus & on the tongue; the liquid goes down smoothly, with a slight peppery flavour.  The taste can be described as subtle, which is ironic when you think about the designer’s most iconic pieces.  Purists will say that premium vodka should never be mixed, but RCV is suited to orange and other citrus based juices.

Roberto Cavalli

RCV is more costly than the likes of Grey Goose or Belvedere, so it would be hard to justify the purchase on a purely rational basis, but to use a car analogy, RCV is like a Ferrari.  Yes there are more prudent options available but all logic goes out the window when you look at a masterpiece, crafted with Italian passion.  RCV isn’t a drink, it’s a way of life.   Cavalli knows this, hence why RCV is only obtainable in the most exclusive venues & presented in a variety of extraordinary sizes including Jéroboam & a titanic 6 litre bottle (Model on arm optional extra).

For more information, visit www.robertocavallivodka.com.

Available at Selfridges, RRP £69.99.

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