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TECH REVIEW: Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

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Despite being universally considered as the best amongst industry professionals, Sennheiser’s fashion headphones don’t quite share the same reputation.  Just like some of Germany’s other famous engineering exports, Sennheiser are world renowned for being smart, efficient, luxurious, but ultimately, not very fun.  However that is all now set to change with the launch of the Momentum over ear headphones, Sennheiser’s first proper foray into the trendy market.

I say ‘proper’ because Sennheiser have previously dipped their toes into this fast growing segment when they collaborated with fellow German brand Adidas, but didn’t set the world alight as they were effectively remixes of Sennheiser’s already successful products.  The Momentum is a very different prospect in so much that they are a brand new product, a solely Sennheiser venture and available in 4 un-Sennheiser-like colours.

Sennheiser have most certainly got it right with the styling.  My Momentum’s I choose are blue, but you can also buy in green, cream or pink- however despite how it may sound, they still manage to remain subtle enough to go unnoticed(even in pink!).  No expense has been sparred in the production with a flexible metal construction and Alcantara used to cover the ear cups and headband; a high quality velvet like material that is used in yacht and car upholstery.  They are built like a tank and are a welcome change to the cheap plastics we’ve become accustomed to with many of the premium headphones.

The Momentum’s aren’t just a pretty fashion accessory; the sound quality is mighty impressive.  The tops, mid, and bass all have clear distinction and ranks amongst the best wired headphones on the market.  At £169.99, the Momentum’s are competitively priced with the Beats Solo ‘phones and as a direct competitor, it wipes the floor with them.  Beats may have the hipster’s support, but the Momentum’s most definitely get the sophisticated vote.

Sennheiser Momentum On Ear Wired Headphones, RRP £169.99.

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