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Sexy Over Suitable Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness

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Sexy Over Suitable Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness

We have all been in the situation where we have somewhere important to be, a night out, a dinner party with friends or an all important date, we start to frantically dig through the wardrobe in the request to find something to wear, that perfect statement piece which sets us apart from the crowd or if you’re like myself it’s the perfect pair of heels and the perfect excuse to hit the shops.


Marilyn Monroe once said ‘give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!’ while some of us quite literally wish to conquer the world others are just content on conquering the day.

When it comes to fashion we all have our own unique style however there is something we all seem to have in common, we are aware of the nights activities ahead and yet we are drawn to the much loved yet always hated SKYSKRAPERS!

The skyscraper also known as the stiletto killer heel, it will make ones legs look longer, ones bum look perkier and flatter ones figure perfectly. We are drawn to the killer heels like a month to a flame, before we know it the cards in the machine the sales assistant grinning like a Cheshire cat and the shoes are in the bag. The “smart” pair you should have brought has been left behind on that store floor because the little fashion devil on your shoulder has convinced you that if you don’t buy these heels now you’ll regret it FOREVER!

The evening begins and you are dressed, out the house and already strutting your stuff at the event, there’s just one problem YOUR FEET … that confident girl who began the evening feeling extravagant and oozing fabulousness is now venturing home early, hobbling along like Golem looking for his precious ring in the streets, clinging to railings and is ready to attack anyone that even thinks about taking that last seat on the tube! Your night has been ruined all because you chose sexy over suitable.


So what is the answer?

I was lucky enough to attend the London Fashion Week Reviver pamper evening which was hosted at the cosmopolitan oasis, My Hotel in Chelsea. Guests were treated to makeovers and a heavenly foot massages by the lovely teams at Panda Make Up, Hari’s Salon and the Body Calm. After running around fashion week in ridiculous heels yes I too am guilty, the message was an absolute god send so a big thank you to the lovely body calm team.

Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness, London fashion week, harris hairdressers

Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness, Body

We also got the chance to learn about walking in heels from writer and presenter Bethanie Lunn, Author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness, whose sister is an international supermodel and uses these tips herself. Bethanie has combined her career in journalism and PR, as well have running her own agency for 6 years, her work has appeared in many media publication such as the Daily Mail, Scarlet, Overseas Living, and online at to name a few.

I asked Bethanie to give our readers a few tips on how to look and feel good in their killer heels without the constant regret purchasing them in the first place?

Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness

Tip 1

Do not neglect your feet… It’s easy to forget about your feet, people rarely see them and sometimes they may just  seem unimportant, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We put our feet though a huge amount of punishment, treat them to some pampering once in a while even if it’s just a hot soak and some moisturiser, trust me your feet will thank you for it.


Tip 2

Always carry spares… We have all seen the shoes that fold away discreetly into your bag buy a pair; listen to your body it will tell you when it’s had enough.


Tip 3

Create grip… Unless you’re wearing Christian Louboutin take a knife or your keys and scratch in different directions on the soles of the shoes, this will create grip making it easier to walk.


Tip 4

Help yourself… When we walk into a shoe shop comfort is not always our first choice, so why not grab some jelly insoles at the same time they really do work wonders.


Tip 5

Prepare your feet… Stand on one leg at a time balancing on the soles of your foot for 30 seconds then switch, do this as many times as you feel comfortable. This will train your feet to take the pressure of your body weight in heels and will also train your body for balance.


Tip 6

Practice …walk around in your new shoes at home; remember good posture is the key to surviving killer heels. Imagine there is a piece of invisible string holding your head upright, your head should be in line with your spine, your shoulders should be back, relaxed and hands by your side only slightly swinging your arms for balance try not to look at the floor whilst walking in heels.


I myself will be practicing what I preach and you guys are more than welcome to join me and I hope you do. Let’s give the girls on the runway a run for their money! Some of us may not look like models but we can certainly strut our stuff like one.



I would like to thank the MasonWilliams team for organising such a wonderful event at the My Hotel in Chelsea. The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness book, is the ultimate lifestyle bible which gives you the fast track to the coolest places, services and products around.  The book can order from Amazon. If you are interested in learning more about Bethanie Lunn and her trade secrets you can visit her website

To book a stay at the My Hotel Chelsea please visit





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