Shoryu Ramen Review

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After a bank holiday weekend we all want to get back into gear in the best way possible though we are also prone to binging on as many carbs available as possible. I thought to myself, to get over a weekend of wicked mischief, punishing my body with a carb-coma would not be appreciated at all. This in mind, I took the opportunity to eat out somewhere I had never been before.

Shoryu Ramen is located at 4 Regent Street and with Pall Mall in view when standing outside the restaurant, you would never imagine that walking in, you would be transported to a modern Tokyo eatery.

Upon walking in, I was greeted by the sounding of a drum and a cheery Japanese greeting. I love a good entrance so this was definitely up my street! I was seated and taken through the cocktail list as if they knew what I was thinking. Hair of the dog is a thing and it helps, look it up! I selected the Yuzu Mojito, a blend of strawberries, fresh lime and rum and as I sipped, soaked in the atmosphere.

Shoryu Ramen is unlike a lot of the other restaurants my friend and I frequent as it didn’t feel pretentious at all. The decor was simple and minimal without looking half-done. Lighting – my favourite thing to pick – was perfect and a combination of white and yellow light cast a warm golden glow over the room.


As I looked around, I felt myself swaying slightly (no, it wasn’t the drink) and realised that the track playing was an R&B classic from the late 90s! I loved it! I’ve not been to a restaurant that tries and succeeds to emulate an environment that is authentic to the origin of the cuisine and yet does it in a way that still can be accessed and appreciated with no pretence. I honestly felt like I was in a diner in Tokyo and just soaking up the vibe with my best friend – oh yes, I was accompanied, I wasn’t just there drinking and eating on my own!


Having not eaten there before, I decided to order the favourites of the staff and the house specialty too. The Shoryu bun I had for starters was heavenly. The bun was light and fluffy and the pork, married with cucumber, a spicy mayonnaise and a flavour that I could not put my finger on could only be described as dreamy.



My main, a tonkotsu dish which is the restaurant’s specialty was the Karakka Tan Tan. A spicy noodle and minced meat Tonkotsu broth that came in a portion size to rival that of something from a feast in Game of Thrones was delicious! All the way through, I was delighted to see staff who were truly dedicated to their jobs whilst providing optimum comfort and speedy service to all diners.

It’s always lovely to go somewhere that specialises in a cuisine and see people from the respective nation of the restaurant. It’s a sure sign that the restaurant is doing its job well.

I would certainly recommend Shoryu Ramen to all Japanese food enthusiasts and to anyone looking for a great place to dine in which you feel comfortable, cared for and seeking culinary excellence.


Thank you Shoryu Ramen – or should I say ‘Arigato gozaimasu’!

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