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Soho is home to a plethora of weird and wonderful things, so you would be forgiven if visiting a Thai restaurant was not at the top of your list of things to do.  Walking down Frith St, with all the bright lights and heaving pavements, it would be very easy to overlook @Siam, but missing it would be a sin.  Being lovers of all things Thai, BSF were delighted when we were asked to come down and sample the real taste of Bangkok.

I step into @Siam and I am immediately wowed by the level of detail gone into the design and layout.  Bespoke furniture and Buddhist craft are evident wherever I turn my head as we walk to our seats by a window looking on to Frith St. 

We are soon pleasantly greeted by our waiter for the evening who explains that all the artwork, crockery, and chefs are from Thailand- so @Siam is the closest thing to Thailand without taking a 15 hour flight!  After browsing the menu for a moment, I decided on the roasted pork for starters and my guest orders the Soft Shell Crab Salad.

Our food was quickly served and the presentation was faultless on both dishes- I almost felt guilty for tucking in (Keyword: almost).  The pork was flavoursome and really whet my appetite for the main, but my colleague’s crab salad stole the show.  We were unaware that it was actually a fruit salad so she was pleasantly surprised to find apples and pomegranates, as opposed to lettuce and cucumbers on her plate.  The sweet and savoury contrast worked wonderfully, and the crab was cooked to perfection, dissolving on the tongue.

The exciting appetisers had us eager to get our main courses.  We ordered 1 prawn & 1 duck curry with coconut flavoured rice and we did not have long to wait.  Once again, the chef paid great attention to detail with the garnish and the food tasted just as good as it looked.  The duck curry had a sugary taste and the waiter explained that lychees are used to sweeten the dish.  Fruit seems to be a regular theme within Thai food as the prawn curry contained a range of fruit including grapes and apple.

For dessert, our waiter recommended the coconut ice cream and apple slices covered in jelly.  A great modern twist on a children’s party classic, and was a satisfying end to a pleasant evening.

@Siam is an intimate venue with tables closely spaced, so is not ideal if you are discussing top secret information over lunch.  It is fine for taking a friend or relative, but I don’t think it is structured for large groups, as I fear that if a particularly loud party were dining then it may be a little intimidating for other guests.  Also, attempting to reach the bathroom did make me feel a bit like I was on Total Wipeout, meandering between tables trying not to knock into other diners.  If they removed one or two tables, had slightly better bathroom facilities and provided cotton napkins instead of paper ones, then it would be hard to find fault with @Siam.  However, considering we are in the heart of Soho, @Siam is tremendous value for money, offering both great service and faultless food.

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