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Anyone over the age of 25 will remember Soda Stream from the 80s, made most famous for the TV advert with the tag line “get busy with the fizzy”.  Every time it came on, my eyes would light up; I’d turn and look at my mum, only for her to give me that look.  The look which says “Don’t even bother asking”; and I knew it well, as I got the same look when the Nintendo, Mr Frosty, and Super Soaker adverts came on the telly.  The idea of making my own fizzy drinks using tap water simply blew my mind, but by the time I was old enough to get my own pocket money, they disappeared from the shelves.

Thankfully SodaStream is back, much to the delight of the child within.  Last week Scarlett Johansson was officially announced as the brand’s first ever brand ambassador, and will feature in a premium advertising slot announced for next month’s Super Bowl.  They are certainly going all out to show the world that fizzy drinks don’t have to be sugar laden diabetes traps and I finally got my hands on one!

Unlike its 1980’s predecessor, the modern SodaStream puts an emphasis on being the healthy option compared to Coke and other fizzy drinks.  There are over 100 flavours to choose from including fruit, energy, flavoured water, and alcohol mixers.  In my starter pack, I’ve got lemonade, pink grapefruit, elderflower, and strawberry flavoured water.

There are six models in various designs and materials, ranging from £49.99 to £149.99; my SodaStream is a neat, white Source Plastic model that retails at £79.99.  Despite my total ineptness at anything DIY related, the SodaStream is surprisingly easy to set up.  It’s as simple as screwing a gas cylinder into the back and you’re good to go; no electricity or assembly required.  And in a matter of seconds, I’m ready to turn ordinary Thames water into fizzy lemonade.

There are 3 levels of fizz to choose from, and to start I go for a conservative level one, which kind of tastes like Irn Bru that’s gone a bit flat.  After some experimenting (and a lot of drinking), I come up with the perfect amount of fizz and my pink grapefruit soda is nothing short of amazing.  The elderflower and lemonade flavours are equally good and make great spirit mixers.

I may have had to wait over 20 years to own one, but the wait was certainly worth it.  However with the cost of buying a unit, syrups, and replacement gas canisters, owning a SodaStream is a proper investment, and not a decision to take lightly.  Yes, the drinks are delicious (and lord knows I’ve become addicted to the bubbles); but only time will tell if it will take pride of place in my kitchen forever, or like my childhood toys, eventually forgotten about when another fad takes my fancy.

SodaStream Source Plastic, £79.99 available directly from

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