SPACE NK apothecary has a new Beautannia Bath and Body Collection

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Celebrating glorious memoirs of British history, culture and personal taste (remember if you like Marmite or marmalade on your toast) , a trio of scents has been developed by the Beauty Queen herself, Space n.k ‘s Nicky Kinnaird. So whichever mood you may be in, we have Brideshead , Balfour and Bloomsbury.

All three bath time scents are styled from gentrified, urban and androgynous Bloomsbury to  provincially feminine Brideshead. I went for the  Balfour range which left me in the dewy rain and  windswept on the cool stones of the northern moors. The whole experience left me miles away from the concrete landscape of an urban jungle a Londoner like myself is solidly set in. I could almost say I had been away for a weekend in the green countryside.

Packaged in generous sizes they are ideal to share with your partner and non paying guests with the reassurance that there will still be some left for your turn to take a plunge and of course no need for the old English “family hold back”. Such are the luxurious portions one can really feel permitted to tuck in!

If you are in Balfour, the bath bubbles would be lathered by fresh rain and you would be settling into the green moss of the Scottish Highlands .

If that is not your cup of tea, maybe the scent of an English country garden will relax you into Brideshead. A fresh feminine bed of bluebells, honeysuckle, violet peaches and plums can leave you feeling as clean and tidy as a stately home  garden.

However a Londoner may opt for the forward and fuss free Bloomsbury. More Functional and less dreamy, perhaps more punctual are the notes of pimento yet tamed with a pinch of neroli and sandlewood.

From bubbles to candles they will make a great gift. With selected oils such as grapeseed and sweet cherry, lotions of shea butter, moringa  and sweet almond oil you shall unwind. The cleansers are of oat protein, coconut and sugar and will leave you feeling incredibly soft .

What’s more, 3 playlists have been compiled to suit the mood of each range. Whilst you let your water run tune into and listen to DJ and Rough Trade intern Tom Travis who is launching his own record label next year. What a treat to have it all thought out for you in advance.

An intellectual moment in that Bloomsbury bookshop, an indulgent tea on the lawn of that Manor near Brideshead or a refreshing burst of energy over the rolling hills of the Balfour countryside,

I say whichever town or county you may be in, light that scented candle, take a dip and let Britannia rule the waves.

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