Guest Post: Sven’s Norse Projects Shoot

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On the day of the shoot with Norse Projects I went to meet Kristine Wold, the stylist for the shoot, at her flat in Norrebro, Coppenhagen. I had done a bit of location scouting a couple days before and found some interesting spots dotted around her neighbourhood thanks to a few tips she had given me when we had met at Norse to pick the clothes. The area was beautiful with streets lined with beautiful old apartments and relaxed little shops and cafes. At one end of the area it became a little more ‘urban’ with graffiti on the walls and some tattooed fellas who seemed to be having a ‘debate’. I had sat down in a pretty café to write an email when no more than 5 minutes later a police van turned up siren blaring and 5 armed men jumped out and started running into the park opposite. When I asked the waitress if she knew what was going on, she told me it was normal, there was a gang selling drugs over there and they use that area as it is easy for them to scatter when the police arrive. She laughed and told me Norrebro is sometimes humorously referred to as NorreBronx. No one in the café seemed at all put out, and sat sipping lattes watching the spectacle unfold with seeming amusement.

As I walked into the courtyard of Kristine’s apartment building, I found Vitus, our model for the day, relaxing on a park bench. We greeted and started chatting. He tells me that his Mum used to model for Scoop Models (his agency). Diana, the head booker at Scoop had spotted her in the street. When I asked him if he got into modelling through his mum he laughs, it turns out Diana, the same woman who had spotted his mum had stopped him walking home with a “huge” hangover to ask him if he wanted to model. They only realised the connection later.

A few minutes later Kristine comes down with a cup of tea in hand and we go up to her apartment to gather the clothes and load it on to her cycle wagon or ‘Christiania bike’ as it is called in Copenhagen.  We head over to a well known ancient grave yard for our first shot. It is surrounded by an equally ancient wall and inside it is vast, with large areas of grass and mature trees. I don’t normally use parks as a location but whilst scouting I had found a clearing under the trees that had caught my eye. Kristine dressed Vitus in the bubble wool suit with a navy blue sweater underneath. She dressed it down further with trainers and a cap.

After the park we headed back towards Kristine’s flat to shoot by some cool looking apartments. Here she puts Vitus in a thick roll neck sweater and jeans with an Elka jacket, a new line of waterproof jackets by Norse that come in blue yellow and maroon and a short and long version. Kristine picked the long style in maroon to complement the look.

I wanted to use the location where I had witnessed the police raid before, just to make the most of what the NorreBronx had to offer! I have a few different shots of this but I liked an ‘in between shot’ of Vitus checking his phone whilst sat on Kristine’s Christiania bike the most. I like how the outfit ended up being a Copenhagen/Manchester fusion, with rolled up chinos, a classic Copenhagen look, and a green military shirt, reminiscent of the jacket Manchester lads and ladettes have been rocking since Liam Gallagher first started brandishing his middle finger in the 90’s.

Finally we walked over to Kristine’s local second hand book shop to get the last shot of the day. Norse have a matching pants, shirt and jacket in a thick navy blue cotton. The jacket also comes in camo which Kristine partnered with the matching pants and shirt. 

You can read about some of Sven’s Scandinavian adventures on Blood, Sweat and Fashion and also via his personal website

By Sven Eselgroth

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