GUEST BLOG: Sven Eselgroth’s Scandinavian Tour

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On a rainy morning in May, while the folk of Manchester were trudging into work and dropping their kids at school, Sven quietly slipped the key into his Harley Davidson, fired her up, and set off down the M62 without fanfare or fuss. With some carefully packed photographic equipment, and a handful of email replies from an eclectic and exciting selection of Scandinavian fashion brands, he set off on a trip of sartorial discovery. He had somehow persuaded the brands not just to see him, but to allow him access into their private world, and now he was on his way to meet them.

After spending the first eighteen years of his life sailing around the world with his parents, photographer Sven Eselgroth has already witnessed a lifetime’s worth of beauty and intrigue. But he doesn’t intend to stop now. After an inspiring and eye-opening journey across Vietnam, Sven is currently driving across Sweden, Denmark and Norway to capture the stunning landscapes, their dynamic street style, and to explore and better understand the working lives of the people behind Scandinavian fashion.

The brands he will visit en-route include Rützou, Norse Projects, Velour, Livid Jeans, Stylein, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Our Legacy and Blue Highway, with more entering the roster every day. He keeps a blog on his website, and a photojournal on Tumblr, in order to share his experiences.

Blessed by the worlds blogging community, and increasingly adopted by influential independent retail outlets, Scandinavian fashion houses manage to simultaneously  transcend seasonal trends and endure despite economic opposition. Sven wants to find out who is behind these fashion enigmas. In many cases Sven spends days at a time with the designers, right in the heart of their working environment. He captures not only their edgy and timeless collections, but also the means by which they produce their pieces, and the carefully chosen habitats in which their businesses thrive. This project combines his beautiful photography with insightful interviews from some of the major names in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian fashion.

Now carving an exciting career in fashion, music, and advertising photography, Sven has several well-known and respected companies and individuals on his client list, but his love of both travel and photography has led him to abandon his UK base for now, and to combine his two passions in a manner that allows his followers to catch a unique glimpse of the secret world behind Scandinavian style. In capturing some of the world’s most original trendsetters at work, along with the stunning countryside and cityscapes through which he travels, Sven is hoping to cast a new light on this incredible and industrious part of Europe and to offer his followers a taste of what it feels like to break a few boundaries.

You can read about some of Sven’s Scandinavian adventures on Blood, Sweat and Fashion and also via his personal website

By Sven Eselgroth

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