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TECH REVIEW: Ultimate Ears Mini Boom

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They say good things come in small packages and the Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker is undoubtedly small; and comes with the boast that it is “Strong & Punchy” and has “Unexpectedly huge sound”.  Very bold claims indeed, so I got hold of one to test whether they really do put the ‘B’ in Boom.

Logitech are most known for their computer peripheral devices including mice, keyboards, web cams etc; and quite frankly, aren’t seen as the coolest tech brand in the world.  For this reason, with the Ultimate Ears range of portable speakers aimed at the teenage to 20-something, they’ve steered well clear of the Logitech association, opting for the trendy, indie style branding of Ultimate Ears aka UE.  They also pride themselves on being the brand of choice for many live artists while on the road, including Florence and the Machine and Mumford and Sons- so sound quality is of upmost importance.


The range consists of 3 speakers of differing sound outputs and the Mini Boom, as you’d expect, is the baby of the bunch.  Out of the box, I was expecting the Mini Boom to be relatively small; but it really is tiny and fits into my pocket (albeit a large coat pocket).  Also, simple to set up would be an understatement with only three controls; power, volume, and Bluetooth.  Instinctively I press the fat finger friendly Bluetooth button and within seconds I’m connected.  However, if this is still too technical, there’s the option to connect an auxiliary cable instead.

Now to the all-important sound.  As advertised, the Mini Boom is certainly BIG for such a small package and loud enough to get a one man (or woman) party started.  The range is impressive with plenty of thud at the mid and bottom end, but the only downside was that there was a bit too much clang as the top end for my liking.

With 10hr playback and 15 metre Bluetooth range, it’s handy for an impromptu weekend away or even partying in camp at a festival.  At £79, the build is surprisingly sturdy and you won’t have to worry too much about breaking it easily.  Small but perfectly formed!

Ultimate Ears Mini Boom, RRP £79, available from http://www.ultimateears.com/en-gb/mini-boom

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