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London-based Termite Eyewear began as a university project in 2012 between Ravensbourne Womenswear design students Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams.


Like many young designers Finch and Williams are passionate about sustainable “Made in Britain” manufacturing, priding themselves on producing challenging and exciting designs using environmentally friendly materials while maintaining an ethical responsibility.

Having gained experience at Celine, Calvin Klein and The Ragged Priest, the duo presented Termite at a pop-up shop at last year’s Graduate Fashion Week. After releasing the BASE line of their sustainably produced sunglasses, last night the duo launched a special edition collection consisting of two themes. Taking inspiration from Old English heritage and the London Tube map the collection demonstrates some key features of their initial BASE line.

Through its use of bright primary colours The Metro Collection is fun, taking inspiration from the London Underground while experimenting with new frame shapes not seen in the BASE collection. The skilled ability in the laser-cutting process is witnessed first-hand with this collection with the curvature in the arms. Raw layered edges of stacked reclaimed Birchwood in the frames receive a high gloss finish making for some very fashionable and characteristic sunglasses.

With The Barber Collection we are treated to a classic accessory with a richer, more sophisticated colour palette. Here the ladies drew inspiration from traditional English culture and vintage interiors making this part of the collection more muted and androgynous. These layered frames are also coated darker that their Metro counterparts.

Metro Collection

At last night’s launch we squeezed in a quick chat with one-half of Termite, designer Patricia Williams:

What inspired your name choice?

It was the wood thing and the fact that we were using a laser cutter to cut straight through the wood. We went through a few names, one of the ones along the way was Woodlouse, which we dropped quite quickly! And that’s how we got to Termite. A few people who have asked us didn’t even know what termites were because it’s an American term more than an English one.


What encouraged your ideas for the latest collection?

Barber and Metro are both our higher range collection. We were just playing with the shapes and we came up with the curved design and we loved the line of it so we just went from there. Plywood is such an industrial material that it works well with the themes. The Tube especially was a bit of an accident when we were brainstorming.


BASE Collection

Over the next year what do you hope to achieve with Termite?

We launch a new collection every Fashion Week so as soon as these have launched then we will start working on the next collection we’ll launch in September. So we’ll work on that but also optical, offering a bespoke service for people that need prescription sunglasses. We hope to stock Termite in other places and online, we’ve only literally just launched online ourselves.


We also hope to incorporate more materials in our next collection. We’re going to keep wood as the base but maybe bring in resin and coating and layering the sunglasses. We’re quite excited, now we know what we can do we can’t wait to start playing with the next collection.


Termite sunglasses feel substantial, industrial and solid adding strength to a key accessory.  And with a range of tinted lenses to choose from you can always be prepared to add a ping of colour to your day!


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