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The Broadway Bar and Grill, a brand new bar and grill restaurant, will open in Fulham later this month and looks set to be one of the most talked about openings in West London for some time. The substantial 300 capacity venue, with seating for 130, occupies the ground floor of a three-story building, which historically has been a pub since 1680. The Broadway Bar and Grill will be the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine, a post-work cocktail or a bite to eat, in a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. Backed up by a team of passionate individuals, all experts in their field, The Broadway Bar and Grill is the latest project by Brenhan Magee, a successful bar and restaurant owner/operator with over 20 years experience in the industry. Magee worked with The Breakfast Group and was instrumental in setting up acclaimed venues such as Jerusalem and Salvador & Amanda before moving on to build and own Soho’s The Club Bar and Dining. The Broadway Bar and Grill has a New York loft-style feel, with a bold decor including exposed brickwork matched with 1930s-inspired tiling, mirrored panels running the length of the walls and green leather banquette seating.

Classic windows spanning the front of the building flood the spacious room with natural light and the long mahogany bar is a dramatic centrepiece to the room, providing a focal point for guests to gather and enjoy a drink before heading to their tables. With an emphasis on personable service, a range of simple and tasty dishes fresh from the grill will be available throughout the day and into the evening. Guests can enjoy quality steaks, served with grilled tomato and horseradish jus, The Broadway’s speciality cheeseburger, Cumberland sausages with mash and onion gravy and goats cheese and sun blushed tomato risotto. Sports fans will be able to enjoy coverage of key events on one of the many flat-screen TV’s in the bar, separate from the dining area. The Broadway Bar and Grill also offers a green outside space, providing a quiet haven from the busy Fulham street. The garden will be heated all year-round. The Broadway Bar and Grill offers a fantastic range of homemade infused spirits courtesy of acclaimed industry stalwart James Ridgwell. Ridgwell has previously worked alongside Raymond Blanc as well as holding management positions at Gaucho. His specialities include chilli infused vodka, pink grapefruit infused tequila and lemongrass and ginger infused rum.

The cocktail list is extensive, with Ridgwell putting his own stamp on classic blends such as the Broadway Julep with two types of gin and quince liqueur and the Burntdown Tennessee using homemade orange infused Jack Daniels, marmalade and old-fashioned Victorian lemonade. A varied wine list featuring wines sourced internationally will be available, including the house wine priced at £13.50 (Vina Pena, Castilla, Spain, red and white) through to more complex wines such as a Chardonnay, Santa Maria Vineyard, Byron Napa, USA and a Chateau La Pointe, Saint Emilion, Bordeaux. Broadway Bar and Grill 474 – 476 Fulham Broadway London SW6 1BY Tel: 020 7610 3137 Web: Twitter: Opening Hours: 10am-midnight, everyday. Food served from 10am-11pm.

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